Bridal Hair Crowns010

I love anything handmade and these stunning handmade crowns from Amsterdam designer Naturae Design are the epitome of hand crafted beauty, and the collection has been exquisitely captured by Dutch based photographer, Svenja Petersen.

Inspired by the old tradition of bride’s wearing Myrtle crowns in Ancient Greece and again in the Victoria era, designer Daniella is fascinated by heirlooms and her love of nature. Each piece is handcrafted by Daniella herself, using precious stones and metals and put together to honor their delicate design.

There are also the addition of historic crowns.  She has restored crowns from the 1880’s and 1970s to their former glory. For me, the delicate beauty of the very fine leaves, is a stunning way of adding a little sparkle, and nod to a beautiful tradition on your wedding day.

Naturae Design pieces are available to buy via the website and ship to Australia.

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