Adelaide Hills Orchard Engagement001

Rachel & Paul

I love everything about Autumn – from the colours, to the cold, and the weather! So this gorgeous Adelaide Hills orchard engagement from photographer Kylie South Photography is right up my Autumn loving alley.

Rachel and Paul tell. “This is our story… Sometimes two people can meet and the timing isn’t right. Sometimes those two same people can cross paths again and everything aligns. This was certainly the case for us. We actually went to the same school, had our lockers only metres apart, a yet this was not the time that sparks flew.

A decade on, after journeying through life separately, our worlds collided at exactly the right moment. Paul literally walked back into my life unexpectedly, one morning when I was at church. Conversation was effortless and laughter became our trade mark. It did not take us long to see that what we had was worth holding on to.”

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Rachel tells the story of the proposal. “After two years of adventures, trials and stupid dancing, Paul decided it was time to ask me to be his wife. He proposed on the block of land we had purchased to build a home upon.

He had been secretly landscaping a private court yard, full of flowers and fairy lights-two of my favourite things. We arrived there in darkness and the pretty lights sparkled in the distance, I knew what was coming and my heart was beaming.

When Paul was down on one knee, all I could utter through my tears was, yes, yes, yes. Our families then came and surrounded us with love and excited words, embracing us both as we embraced each other.”

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“The idea of an engagement shoot really resonated with us both. We wanted a set of photos that captured our relationship prior to being married. For us, the Adelaide Hills is a special place- we both grew up there and it’s where we met. We wanted to honour this connection with the photo venue being in a beautiful hills orchard. Now, we have an incredible set of images that encapsulates our hearts, our laughter and mostly importantly our love for each other.”

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