1.Rustic Styling.  This is our absolute favourite; it can encompass so many individual and unique elements and is perfect for creating a relaxed, heartfelt wedding. Things like natural materials, loose garden flowers and native arrangements work really well as does warm festoon lighting. Just add those little personal touches to create something that’s at once beautifully styled and personal. Image via Kitty Wursthorn.

2. Signature Cocktail. A delicious signature cocktail for a wedding is a great idea to set the mood, and looks so pretty too! Making something up to be served in jugs or beverage dispensers is easy to do and serves more than bottled wines or beers. It can be altered to reflect the season too – warming spices are great for the cooler months, otherwise lemon or berry is refreshing in the heat! Image via Kitty Wursthorn.

3. Fitzroy Town Hall. Town Halls are some of our favourite wedding venues. Melbourne is blessed with some very beautiful historic halls, but our all time favourite would have to be Fitzroy Town Hall. Not only does it have beautiful architecture and a balcony perfect for stringing lights, the Reading Room is a wonderful spot for a ceremony! Image via Kitty Wursthorn.

4. TipiKata. This is the go to company who create the most stunning pop-up tipi events. Traditionally a marquee was the main, or only, option for an outdoor event, but now TipiKata set up stunning tipis for something a bit different. The sides can be opened on a beautiful day – or to keep things cosy, you can even set up a fireplace inside! Image via Kitty Wursthorn

5. Graze Table Food Service.We love nothing more than a good graze table. Not only does an abundant spread of delicious food look incredible to the eye, but it’s also practical and brings people together. Helping yourself from a selection means you’ll always get what you want, and having a chat while doing so means sharing the meal is a social part of the evening. Even better, you can go back for second and even third and fourth helpings! Image via Timothy Marriage


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Ms Chinoiserie says: A great list of wedding favourites – a tipi for a rustic themed reception is just stunning!

About The Farm Cafe: We’re passionate about creating warm, welcoming and relaxed weddings in Melbourne; we love abundant feasts and gorgeous styling! We believe that sharing a meal is at the centre of every awesome celebration. Our menus are hearty, plentiful and simple, like a home-cooked family feast! We lay out a gorgeous graze table – and all you need to do is enjoy!