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Nicole & Jimmy

Nicole and Jimmy have spent much of their relationship in the city and knew they wanted to make the most of it for their urbane Brisbane engagement photos. They took to Brisbane’s city streets with photographer Quince & Mulberry Studios.

Nicole and Jimmy tell the story of how they met. “We actually knew each other before we started dating. Around the end of 2009 we originally met through a friend. Having not seen each other since originally meeting, about just over a year later we bumped into each other while we were out and got chatting. By chance, a couple of weeks later at an Australia Day party we bumped into each other again and hit it off. The rest is history and here we are four and a half years later engaged!”

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“After supposedly “hitting it off” on Australia Day I asked for Nicole’s number. She was more than happy to give it to me which was great! Being pretty keen on her I text her the next day – no reply. I tried again a couple of days later still no text back. I gave it one more try the next day and finally got a text back. From a guy saying I had the wrong number! I thought surely she hasn’t done this on purpose. So I messaged her on Facebook, turns out that due to having a few too many drinks that day she had accidentally given me the wrong number. Lucky for Facebook and a bit of persistence.”

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On what she loves about Jimmy, Nicole tells, “What I love most about Jimmy is his caring and selfless personality. There isn’t a day that goes by where he isn’t either doing something for me or putting me first. Whether it be something big or small, he never complains or expects anything in return. I’m so grateful for all the things he continues to do for me each day. Another thing I love about Jimmy is his sense of calmness, positivity and motivation. He has great discipline and gives 110% to anything he takes on. He also has the ability to see things logically and never sweats the small stuff.”

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On what he loves about Nicole, Jimmy tells, “Besides her beautiful smile and those eyes the thing I love most about Nicole is her sense of humour. Not a day passes where she hasn’t put a smile on my face. She might be the self-proclaimed funniest one in the relationship but I would have to agree. Along with her sense of humour I love that Nicole is always there to support me in whatever it is I set out to do and if necessary give me that little bit of extra encouragement whenever I may be second guessing myself.”

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Nicole remembers their proposal story. “Well it started off as a normal Saturday. We both got up early and went to the gym then came home and cleaned the house. After lunch I was feeling like a bit of a Nanna nap so I went up stairs to bed. Jimmy came up not long after and said he was going to the shops and would be back soon. A couple of hours later I woke up, Jimmy wasn’t home and I had a text message from him that said he wasn’t coming home and to be dressed and ready with an overnight bag packed by 6pm.

6pm came around and I was picked up by a chauffeured driver who drove me to a surprise location. I arrived at the Emporium Hotel where I was escorted to a hotel room. I’d never been so nervous in my life. I knocked on the door and Jimmy opened it, suited up with rose petals spread all over the room, our favourite song playing and champagne. He got down on one knee and popped the question! We celebrated after with a degustation dinner and matching wines.”

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“We chose an urban style shoot for our engagement because we felt this reflected our personalities and relationship best. When we first moved in together we lived in the city and still spend a lot of our spare time in there now, going for walks, eating out or going to the park.”

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