When it comes to planning your wedding there are so many little touches that will look gorgeous on the big day but don’t need to take up a massive part of your actual budget. Since so many of us are foregoing the more traditional ‘sending off ‘aspect of weddings in favour of a less formal reception, a ‘Mr & Mrs’ sign for your table chairs is a really cute way to celebrate your new marital status.

I used poster board for my letters but if you were to use cardboard or foam board you would probably be able to get a smoother edge. (Of course if you’re able to work a jigsaw with a bit of skill then timber would also work.)

What you’ll need:

Poster board
Printed letters
A pen
Spray paint
String (I used sequin string for extra sparkle!)

PDB Sign 1

What to do:

Start by printing out your words, taking up as much of an A4 piece of paper as possible. Cut them out of the paper and roughly trace them onto your poster board.

PDB Sign 2

Use your scalpel to trace around the letters. It will be neater if you use nice smooth strokes rather than stabbing. Once your words are all cut out, use your scissors to neaten up the edges and remove any fluff.

PDB Sign 4

PDB Sign 3

Thoroughly spray your letters from all angles with your spray paint. Hold the can about 30 centimetres away and spray several light layers to avoid dripping (Also be sure to do the back as well).

PDB Sign 6

You can securely attach the words to your chair by looping your string around the letters and going behind the words. Leaving a little bit of slack will allow you to be able to move the chairs – and stand up as your guests toast you as husband and wife –  without getting stuck!

PDB Sign 7

Swirl divider

Ms Chinoiserie Says: With so many colour options and embellishments to suit your theme, this is an easy and lovely way of letting everyone know where the ‘guests of honour’ are sitting!