kikki.K_be_brave_be_bold_book_pink_front_RRP24.95-550x699Crisp white walls lined with an assortment of coordinated folders, notebooks and essential stationary; yes of course I am referring to Kikki K. I, like so many others, absolutely adore the Kikki K brand. The crisp styling of each store, the inspirational, organizational products that are so on point you wonder how you ever lived without them and of course the beauty and detail that is put into each and every piece makes Kikki K so desirable!

For the ‘Spring Summer Be Brave’ collection, products are as beautiful as they are essential. With every new product, “how have I lived without this?” was continuously running through my mind! With handcrafted details like butterfly illustrations and water colour washes in peach and blue tones, each piece has a unique limited edition vibe. Perfect for inspiration, organization or as a thoughtful gift.

Must Haves!

DIY Sticker Book

Eek! The ultimate “grown ups” sticker book! Sticker books are a classic part of so many childhoods so this chic one in gold type on either a peach or blue background is perfect for injecting a little childhood frivolity into your weekly activities.diy_sticker_book_be_brave_pink_inside_1-550x507


Thankful Journal

For the days when something amazing, beautiful, different or special happens, write it down. For the days when nothing seems to be going right, reflect on all the beautiful things that you’re thankful for. This makes for a gorgeous bridesmaid gift and it’s also a perfect book to start at the beginning of your marriage. We all have so much to be thankful for; this book is an absolute essential.

kikki.K_thankful_journal_be_brave_blue_front_RRP$16.95Quote Cards

Complete with a wooden holder, this set of 12 quote cards in pink lights up your office or home space with a beautiful touch of inspiration.


Adhesive Note Set

Are you someone who seems to go through sticky notes like they’re going out of fashion? Not to worry, the adhesive note set will keep your sticky notes stocked for some time and with their artful design, they certainly aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon!kikki.K_adhesive_note_set_be_brave_blue_inside_RRP12.95-550x489

Be Brave Be Bold Book

Needing a little inspiration, or just looking for a gorgeous piece for your home or office? The ‘Be Brave, Be Bold’ book is a beautiful collection of quotes to inspire you to achieve whatever it is you desire, and it’s sure to always make you smile.




Don’t let the fact that we’re already talking about 2016 scare you off! Whether it’s a leather bound refillable style you’re looking for, a monthly wall calendar or something in between, start 2016 in style and choose between an assortment of diaries, planners and calendars.



Framed Quote Print

I have been lusting after the beautiful quotes in gold type that have been floating across my Instagram feed so I was so excited to see this magical Eleanor Roosevelt quote in gold type. A beautiful addition to any space, home or office!

wooden_frame_w_print_be_brave_white_front (1)
If it’s something a little festive you’re after, there is a gorgeous selection of Kikki K Christmas pieces on their way too! We’ll have all the must have Christmas products live soon to get you excited for all the festivities to come!


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Love, love, love all the pretty new things for Spring; one of each please!!!