Want to create a whimsical ‘Secret Garden’ setting for your next special event? Flowers are guaranteed to make a statement at your wedding, bridal shower, engagement party or birthday dinner. Little vases filled with flowers add a sweet touch, but in this tutorial Laura from Flora by Laura will show you how to decorate your tables with picture-perfect centrepieces that your guests won’t stop talking about.

What you need:

  • Apron
  • Wire
  • Rose strippers
  • Floral scissors suitable for cutting wire and stems
  • 2 x Oasis batt double size
  • Your choice of greenery
  • Your choice of flowers


Step 1.

Submerge and soak the Oasis in water until you no longer see bubbles coming from the foam.

Step 2.

Start by adding greenery.  I use the greenery to determine the dimensions (length and height) of the arrangement.  Start by adding a basic full coverage, then work back through with a different texture green. Mock orange and Camellias work well.  Overall you want to achieve a decent coverage, but it is ok if you can still see bits of foam at this point.




Step 3.
Then start with a filler flower, for example a wax flower, and work your way through the design.  You want the flowers to sit just over the greenery.

Step 4.

Add in your signature flowers – in this example I have used Pincushions, Cluster Roses, Freesias and Carnations.


Step 5.

Remove any buds while preparing the flowers as you can add these at the end as a final touch – but do what feels right for your flow. You may need to wire some flowers such as roses and carnations to strengthen the stems. This will enable you to manipulate them into a good position and will also ensure the flowers are secure in the Oasis.

To wire your flowers you need to condition the stem by removing any thorns and leaves. With a 24 gauge wire, pierce the base of the flowers and then wind the wire down your stem.



Step 6.

Keep working your way through the design and add flowers until you are happy with the arrangement. Take your time and remember to keep ‘stepping back’ to appreciate the design from different vantages.  It is nice to place your centrepiece in-situ and check over the arrangement. Make any final touches if need be.




Our table was then styled by Hodgepodge Hire, who have an exquisite range of event furniture, accessories and tableware for weddings, events and parties.  Hillstone St Lucia was the perfect spot for our photo shoot – and it’s a dream location for an intimate gathering in the courtyard.


Swirl divider

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a beautiful and easy way to decorate a summer wedding table – and with so many flowers to choose from, it will suit any styling theme!

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