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When I ask my couples how they envision their wedding day, the most common answer I receive is “fun and memorable”. Unfortunately far too many entertainers limit their definition of fun to mean just music and dancing. Did you know that a great entertainer will be able to suggest unique ways to engage and involve guests from the very beginning of your reception that will not only create a high energy celebration but will also be unique, personal and a whole lot of fun as well?! Here are a few suggestions:

Personalised Introductions

At nearly every wedding, the MC will introduce members of the wedding party in the most basic manner, by their first and last name. Now there is nothing wrong with this, however imagine how much more connected and engaged guests will be if the introductions included some personal details about each member of the wedding party. Done properly, this is a lot of fun and will result in lots of laughs as well. Plus it is a big surprise for the members of the wedding party since they would not know anything about it! Shhh. It’s a surprise!

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The introductory ‘bios’ can be written by the newlywed couple, or if an experienced professional DJ/MC has been booked, give them the necessary information and have them write it. The sort of information that can be used to put together a fun wedding party introduction may include:

• Occupation
• Hobbies
• Relationship to bride/groom: Where they met; how long have they known each other?
• What are they most known for?
• Where would you most likely find them on a Saturday Night?
• Any weird habits?
• Favourite food, drink or snack

Of course, not all this information needs to be used and sometimes just the fun, unique or impressive details is enough!

Table Hopping

Since the meal takes up a significant part of a reception, there is often not a lot of time for the bride and groom to mingle with their guests. Something I have suggested to some of my couples is to have two extra chairs set up at each table. In front of those chairs, a sign reading “Reserved for the Bride & Groom” is placed.

Once the meal has commenced, they table hop taking their plate with them and sit down at each table for five to ten minutes to visit their guests! Following a little bit of chatting and a few bites of their food with the first table, they move on to the next table to do the same thing with the guests on that table and so on. This really keeps the energy level up in the room and is a lot of fun for both the guests and the couple!

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Interactive Fun

While some guests can be a little shy, even the most conservative groups who are not big on dancing do like a laugh. Playing some fun or silly games will get the giggles flowing.  For example, guests love to see the bride and groom kiss and clinking the glasses is a common way to get them to do so. Something a little more unique and fun is to get some of the guests to show you how to kiss! Just provide your DJ/MC Entertainer with a list of guest names of some fun couples – the more fun and wild the better. When the clinking of glasses occurs, the DJ/MC will call out a random couple’s names and ask them to show the bride and groom how to kiss since they are ‘newbies’. After they have done so, the bride and groom have to duplicate/imitate how the couple kissed. Can be great entertainment for your guests…and a lot of fun for the couple!

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 The Garter Toss

If a couple do opt to have a garter toss, why not make it fun for everyone and not just the single guys. One way to achieve this which always gets a lot of laughs is to have the bride sit on a covered chair. The groom pretends he is reaching for the garter, but instead he is reaching underneath the chair cover to grab items that were placed there before they started. What things you ask? Can be anything really, but comical items like a rubber chicken or even handcuffs maybe….you get the idea. It’s a lot of fun and guests will be laughing and taking photographs. Of course the last item to be pulled out would be the garter.

I hope that the above suggestions inspire your own unique ideas on how to make your reception a whole heap of fun. It will take an experienced entertainer to execute them properly, so please ensure your DJ/MC entertainer has the appropriate experience.


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Thanks for the fun ideas –  the personalized introductions would get a lot of laughs and are a great way to get the “party started”!

About Serge of DJ:Plus! Entertainment: Hi, I’m Serge and I offer a boutique style, wedding DJ & MC entertainment service. My customised ideas for guest involvement, announcements and entertainment save you from having to ask Uncle Roger to do the honours, and then there’s the music – I’m a disc jockey too – so you can rock your socks off until the wee hours!