Shibori Inspired Wedding009

I am all about looking for wedding inspiration in completely unexpected places and this amazing shibori wedding inspiration shoot is just the ticket for something competently different. The beauty of the shibori dying techniques is not only the contrast in colour of the rich indigo and clean white, but also how different and unique each and every piece is.

Liesl Cheney Photography who captured the photographs, notes, “The inspiration behind the shoot rose from our love of indigo and the watercolour prints, stormy patterns and hand-dyed textiles that Japanese shibori has to offer.”

Liesl, together with a team including Willow Lane Creative, Loui Col Designs, Sweet Layers, Go to Gilly Make Up and Hair, Rustic Romance, Lines & Squares, Matthew Landers,  Studio 2 Leederville and Hire Society, two distinctive looks with shibori were created.

The first is described as something of a modern and elegant look. The deep indigo tones were combined with grey and white and plenty of metallic gold. Look number two, which was more of a bohemian, industrial style brought in a lot more colour- vibrant saffron yellow, zesty orange and hot pinks. The finishing touches on both shoots brought to life the shibori through handpainted biscuits, and furoshiki wrapped gifts

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