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Brows have become such an important part of a woman’s beauty routine over the last few years. For the last seven years, at Noosa Brow Co., I have just solely focused on brows and lashes and have seen many of my clients going through the process of achieving perfect wedding brows. Here are my Top Five tips for having your best brows yet on your wedding day.

Tip 1. Put down those tweezers and find a professional brow artist to help you on your brow journey. My top tip when looking for a brow artist in your area is find someone who only specialises in brows!!! Unfortunately in the beauty industry some beauty salons have jumped on the ‘brow band wagon’ and like to advertise that they specialise in brows and will shape them to your face.

Sadly, in beauty school you are not taught in detail how to sculpt a brow to perfection; you learn the basics needed for a brow wax but when it comes to re shaping a brow this only comes with experience from doing brows long term on a daily basis. When I first started specialising in brows there was a good six month time period when I learned new skills and it finally all came together and I was completely confident in what I was doing.

Everyone’s brows are different and every client’s individual needs and wants are different. This is where an initial consultation is so very important. The brow artist needs to match what suits the client with what their expectations are. Then you will have that winning formula for a satisfied client with beautiful brows. Also look at any before and after pictures of their work on their social media pages and look at their reviews. If you are going to a brow specialist and they have a few artists working in the salon, ask for the most experienced staff member even if it means you might have to wait a few extra weeks to get an appointment. Trust me, it’s worth it!

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Image by Kerri Mackintosh via Suzey and Anthony’s Sparkling Black Tie Wedding

Tip 2. Start early on your brow journey, even if you only have a few months before your wedding or even a few weeks. The first few appointments you have with a brow artist will be the most important and you will see the most amount of change, particularly if there are some areas you need to “grow in”.

You will see an amazing difference within those first few brow appointments and even if you only have a few weeks, it’s better than nothing at all. You don’t need to “grow out” your brows before seeing a brow artist to see a change in your brows. If you have never seen a brow artist before, your brows 99% of the time, will not be in the right shape to start off with, so there will be hairs that can be taken out that will completely change you brows for the better. You will also have them coloured correctly which will pick up all those fine hairs in your brows, so you will see all your brows’ potential for what they really are.

Tip 3. Get the right product to fill in your brows. Many clients I see have brow products at home but never use them because they are too dark or they simply don’t know how to use them. Brow powders are great if you are comfortable using them. They can be a little bit fiddly if you’re not experienced, so it’s also a great idea to take any brow products you have with you to your appointment so you can show your brow artist and they can instruct you on how you should be using the product on your brows. They can also advise you on the best colour choice.

Another great product to use in your brows is a brow crayon rather than a brow pencil you have to sharpen. When looking for a brow crayon always test it on the back of your hand. It should easily add colour to the skin without pressing down on the skin at all. Simply hold the crayon with your thumb and index finger and lightly go back and forth. When using a brow crayon in your brows, hold it on the side so that you have more control and you can see where the product is going. This will also create softer lines when filling in the edges of the brow rather than directly applying the crayon straight. This creates more of a “drawn on” effect. Always remember to brush any product you are using through your brow as this softens any lines and blends the colour through the rest of the brow creating a much more even colour tone.

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Image by Lucas & Co via Toni & Chris’ Hinterland Country Hall Wedding

Tip 4. Take care of your skin. If you are preparing for your wedding, you will also be looking after your skin, having various facials and treatments to achieve a glowing complexion on your wedding day. Always advise your brow artist on ANY treatments or products you are putting on your skin especially those with Vitamin A. Some of these products can actually have an abrasive effect on the skin especially under the brow area towards the outer edge.  No one wants skin removed before their wedding!! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Image by Gold Hat Photography via Anda and Dean’s Bright Sydney Wedding

Tip 5. Brow colour is such an important part of creating your best brows. And it does not always mean your brows will be darker. The most amazing thing with brow colour is that it can add volume to the more sparse areas of the brows which you probably didn’t even know you had. Clients often say that their brows never grow in particular areas and they don’t have hairs in certain spots, but an experienced brow artist can incorporate all those tiny, almost invisible hairs to create more volume which makes all the difference. I have so many clients who are surprised at how many brow hairs they actually have once their brows are sculpted correctly.


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Thanks Hannah for the fabulous tips and tricks on achieving the perfect arch – gorgeous wedding day brows are a must!

About Hannah from Noosa Brow Co: Hi, I’m Hannah and I am a brow aficionado!!! I relish the joy of my delighted clients who are amazed by the transformative effects a well shaped brow can make! I have lived in Noosa part time for the last ten years and just love the beach to bistro lifestyle!