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The Jennifer Regan “Dusk Til Dawn” bridal collection was inspired by the designer’s love the seventies style – a time, she notes, where women celebrated their femininity and independence.

This effortless style comes to life in the brand new collection. High necklines, bell sleeves that float, carefully considered feather and fringe with glass beaded embellishments, exposed backs and thigh high slights. Each crafted in beautiful European sourced fabrics like silk satins, chiffons, georgettes, tulle, and guipure lace.

Named after iconic women of the seventies, each gown is modern, yet reflective of its inspiration so most importantly- completely wearable for the modern bride. Designer Jennifer is clear, these gowns are not for the faint hearted, they are for the brides who know their style and are bold about keeping to their personal style.

The Jennifer Regan “Dusk Til Dawn” collection is available online or in store now.

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