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Jodie & Todd

I love the seaside during the colder months. It takes on a moodiness that bright sunshine and warm days just can’t replicate. It also makes a stunning backdrop for an engagement shoot – which is exactly the scene Jodie and Todd chose for their Winter beach engagement photos when they teamed up with Jennifer Burch Photography.

On how they met, Jodie and Todd tell. “There is some debate as to how we met, but it was many years ago (over 13). Todd says it was at a party and Jodie says he appeared under a street lamp one night when she was out for a walk in an Andy Warhol moment – either way it was the beginning of something special.”

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On what she loves about Todd, Jodie notes, “I love how Todd plans elaborate celebrations for me, how we find peace in each other, how we take care of each other.”

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Jodie tells the proposal story. “Todd planned an incredible proposal. He asked me to be ready, with hair and makeup done and he showed up in a limo with a gown that he’d even had altered. He first took me to the skillion at Terrigal Haven and we ended up having gourmet pizzas at Magenta Shores where he proposed with a family ring.”

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The coastline backdrop was the most special spot for the bride and groom to be. “Terrigal Haven is a special spot for us – it’s where we first went when we first got together, it was incorporated into the night we were engaged and it remains a special backdrop – perfect for the shoot.”

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