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There are a few things that tickle our fancy… and we wanted to open the door to our little world and share them with you!

1. Objects

Not too often we run into something that is truly special… but when we do we want to make sure we share it with the world! We wanted to introduce you to our favourite jewellery designer, Larissa Landinez. She is a local Northern Beaches super talented jeweller that has a unique and sophisticated contemporary collection inspired by geometrical shapes and nature. Did you hear? Square shaped wedding rings are the new black! Image via Larissa Landinez

2. & 3. Places

If we would have to pick a place to get married all over again, we would definitely choose the fairy-tale location of “Jaspers” on the Southcoast of New South Wales. An exclusive and luxurious wedding destination, Every corner of this place is special and magical; we absolutely love it! Not to mention the majestic resident peacock, “King Richard”! Bride image via Fusion Photography; peacock image via Jaspers Berry

4. Relaxation

After a long hard day of work, nothing relaxes us more than a home-made cup of lavender tea. We all know reaching out for a glass of wine can be tempting, but nothing will sooth you and relax you as much as a hot cuppa! Give it a try! Image via Healthline

5. Fabrics

After working for over 20 years as a fashion designer, I have been lucky to work with all sorts of fabrics. From high-end designers materials, to hand-made Guatemalan embroideries. Everything has gone across my cutting table… But there is one thing I always go back to and it is French lace. Nothing says romance as much as a beautiful lace…it adapts to any form and it will bring out the best in any body shape. Without a doubt is the ultimate wedding dress fabric! Image via Evocartiv Photography

6. Inspiration

We are blessed by some of the world’s most stunning beaches in this amazing country…but when looking for inspiration, nothing lets our imagination fly as much as a stunning sunset in the middle of the forest. Peaceful, yet dramatic there is a mystic in those Millenary trees that we can’t get enough of! Image via Geograph


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a romantic choice of ‘favourites’; French lace is indeed exquisite!

About Swish Bridal Design: Hi, I’m Angela from Swish Bridal Design; I design with a passion from the heart and I have an imagination and spirit that reflects the modern and discerning bride of today.



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