1. Little People: Super gorgeous and often down-right hilarious, these pint-sized cuties add an element of connectedness; weddings bond many relationships from the wise to the young.

2. Emotions and Tears. We love to see the moment when a father first sees his little girl finally ready to wed; it’s the real and raw part of the day that connects with each of us (often tears are shed by those watching such a sacred moment).

3. Dance Floor Action. Ahhh… who doesn’t feel the groove when a couple create a phenomenal (sometimes near bombastic) synchronised bridal “waltz” (term used incredibly loosely!)

4. Groom’s Styling. Who can go past the dapper (yet cheeky) style of a bowtie? We love them. Probably as much as we love ‘Happy Socks’.

5. Beautiful Blooms: Florists are just amazing for what they create and current trends from floral crowns to full ceremony arches keep us smiling.

All images by Matt Rowe Photography


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Thanks Matt – a very sentimental and fun favourites list! Some of those ‘Little People’ moments are just priceless!

About Matt Rowe Photography:  We started as many wedding photographers do: with an awesome camera (Nikon of course!) and a group of friends who were starting to ‘tie the knot’.  Driven by art and creativity, we find immense pleasure in combining the elements within a frame to create sheer ‘awesome-ness’.