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The Spring 2016 collection from designer Sareh Nouri is positively dreamy and the photos that go along with it are so beautiful to curl up with a cup of tea and dive into.

Sareh is known for her traditional gowns with a modern twist and her Spring 2016 really highlights her talent in bringing this to the fore. Ballgowns with elegant beaded sleeves, sparkling silver details, a deep inky blue gown with a ruffling skirt, trains that are as dramatic as they are beautiful, sleeves that sit off the shoulder complimenting an otherwise classic neckline.

When it comes down to it though, what holds Sareh’s collections together is one thing – romance. Each gown embodies that romantic foundation that is so present at a wedding. Refined elegance that combines her love of all things traditional with not the most sparkle, or the most intricate of designs, but the most romantic of gowns, and that, is where Sareh truly shines.

Sareh Nouri is available in Australia at Brides Of Beecroft.

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