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When Alita and I started planning our dream wedding, we had pictured it to be at our farm in northern Victoria with about 150 to 200 people. We have 50 acres, a river and multiple sheds to play with so you can imagine the scale of what we had planned! We had in fact started preparing things at the farm so that it was ready for our big day. After discussing our change of plans and scaling down to 29 close family and friends, we became very excited and in fact our stress levels diminished and it allowed us to focus on what the day is really about.

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Alita and I are both very close to our family and it was important for us that they had the opportunity to spend as much time together as possible as we live in Victoria and all my family live in Queensland. I have a twin brother, so it’s always fun times when we’re together!

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I have so many beautiful memories from our special day  and the time spent with our closest friends and family. Alita and I are so deeply in love and wanted to share that with the people in our lives that really matter. As with any wedding day there were a couple of hiccups but they are now great stories that we can tell as a reminder of our beautiful day. . .

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The wedding ceremony didn’t start until 5pm but we had everyone arrive at 2pm or earlier so they could all relax and enjoy the beautiful food and drinks that we had on the day. By 5pm we were all relaxed – some were slightly drunk and well fed by then!

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The highlight of course was when my beautiful bride walked down the aisle and I married the women of my dreams.

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I have to mention our new friend, our photographer Murray Redpath. He is not only an incredibly nice man, he has a perfect eye for capturing the moment and you only need to see the photos he has from our wedding to see this. He took the time to prior to our day to find the perfect locations and settings and allowed us to show our true personalities. I had so much fun on my wedding day I wish we could do it again and again and that’s exactly how we wanted our day to be. Fun.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What beautiful memories Michael; see Alita & Michael’s Intimate Brisbane Garden Wedding for their wonderful day full of fun and love!