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Any DIY savvy bride will be at least trying to make her own bouquets to carry with her down the aisle. Of course these are pretty special wedding items and are featured in a lot of photos so it is important that they are done right. Here are some tips on making some beautiful and budget friendly rustic bouquets using imitation flowers from Ikea.

Here are the items you require to make you very own bouquets:

  • A large amount of imitation flowers – and don’t forget the greenery!
  • Scissors
  • Twine, string or ribbon
  • Florist wire


Cut any labels off the flowers. The flora used in these bouquets was bought from Ikea for between 99c and $2.99 and came with a lot of labels that needed to be removed. Also trim the stems of any excess leaves. This stops the bouquets from becoming too thick.


Arrange the flowers into a position of your liking. Consider the size, colour and texture of each individual bloom when placing them together. This can be a fiddly task but it gets easier as you go, so maybe start with your throw away bunch before moving onto the bridesmaids’ bouquets.


Use florist wire to hold the bunch together.


Wrap the stems with twine, string or ribbon of your choosing. Twine looks great for rustic weddings but you can pick up so many other types of ribbon from any craft store for a more classic feel. Start wrapping from just below the petals as this helps to hide any ugly little knots.


Done! Now try making some more in different sizes; for you, the ladies by your side and your flower girls. These stunning imitation floral pieces were made for about $25 each – great value!

All images via Toni Petersen


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: So pretty and easy; try wrapping your bouquet in elegant satin ribbon for an added colour pop!

About Toni: I am an English teacher with a love for writing. I am a DIY bride and my friends keep telling me that I am the calmest bride around. I recently found out my wedding venue had been double booked with a music festival. Instead of turning into a half-dinosaur creature, I now have some great live music that will play while our bridal party photos are taken. I refuse to let anything ruin our perfect day!