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Bec & Michael

Sometimes when you are in the thick of wedding planning it can be hard to see past your wedding day. Which is always kind of ridiculous seeing as the reason you get married is for life and not the day. So seeing a couple like Bec and Michael who chose this shoot to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of marriage together is not only heart warming, but a nice reminder that what counts doesn’t have the pretty dresses, or the amazing decorations. It’s just you and your beloved.  Kate of Quince and Mulberry Studios  captured their country anniversary photos.

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On how they met, Bec tells, “We met by chance in 2000, when I had planned to meet with a guy I had spoken with through work, it was to be the first time we met face to face. On my way to meeting him I got a little lost driving from Brisbane to some pub in Ipswich, so this guy’s friend, (Michael) gave me directions, as I had never been to Ipswich before. The guy I had planned to meet walked out to meet me at my car, with Michael. Michael and I have been together ever since, and the rest is history.”

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On what he loves about Bec, Michael tells “Bec has the ability to make me smile regardless of my worries which reminds me of the good things in life”

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On their advice for marriage, Bec tells, “Communication and trust is the key, don’t sweat the small stuff and always laugh. A good laugh will get you through almost anything. Only worry about the things you can control.”

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“We are always saying silly things at inappropriate times and thinking/saying these things at the same time. We are a bit of an odd couple who fit together perfectly.”

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On what she loves about her husband, Bec remarks, “He can take away all my worries and woes with a big hug and his calming presence. It never fails.”

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“Marriage is a simple process as long as you keep it simple. It’s not like the movies so don’t expect it to be.”

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