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Lynette of Cakes2Kreate

As a little girl I was always fascinated when watching the local wedding cake maker weave her magic with a seemingly endless array of tools from which came the most beautiful, delicate and intricate designs. Of course there have been big changes in the industry since then, but what hasn’t changed is the passion for creating something beautiful, and Lynette of Cakes2Kreate has that in spades. And a passion it is, as these delicate and beautiful works of art reflect the many hours of precise and dedicated work that she puts in to each every cake to deliver to you the cake of your dreams. It almost seems a shame to cut into them, but then who can resist a sticky date cake with brown sugar buttercream or a coconut mud cake with lemon and passionfruit cream. Not me!

Where are you located? 

I am located in Pakenham and service all areas of Melbourne.

What started you on your cake creating journey?

My very first attempt at making a novelty cake for my nephew’s 1st birthday back in 2005 sparked an interest. From there it grew into a hobby and then into a passion.


How did you learn your craft?

Watching endless hours of Youtube videos, on-line tutorials, lots and lots and lots of practice! There is always something new to learn.

As each cake is an individual work of art, what is the creative process you go through to create the perfect wedding cake?

I find that these days most couples pretty much know what they want. They contact me because they already like one or more of my designs. From there I try and individualise it by asking what their colour scheme is, types of flowers used, the decor of their reception, table centerpieces used, invitations and even details of the bride’s dress. The more I can find out, the more I can make the cake an individual creation just for them.


What is your favourite part of the wedding cake creating process?

Setting it up at the venue! Seeing my creation take its place as the centrepiece makes all that hard work and endless late nights worth it.

You have some yummy cake flavours to choose from. What are some favourite flavour combinations if wanting a tiered cake?

My most popular flavour would have to be my white chocolate and raspberry mud. It’s a delicious balance of sweetness and tartness combined. Other new flavours which are becoming popular are my banana cake with salted caramel buttercream, sticky date cake with brown sugar buttercream and coconut mud with lemon and passionfruit cream.

Do you go through a lengthy testing process before adding a new flavour to your range?

Family and friends are the best when trying new flavours out. You know at least they will be honest to tell you if it is a yay or nay. One flavour I do was purely by chance as I used all my left over batter together and whatever filling I had on hand. This flavour has become one of the family favourites!


Are a bridal couple able to arrange a cake tasting?

Yes definitely! Once all the initial information has been gathered and they are happy with what I can create for them, I invite them to book in a time for a final cake consultation and tasting. It give us both the chance to meet face to face and they can also view my work in my cake studio.

You make particularly ornate sugar flowers. Is this one of your ‘loves’ and talents and a signature of your work?

I adore flowers and creating them in sugar is even better. I love the challenge of trying to make them look as beautiful as the real thing. I don’t think any wedding cake is complete without at least one sugar flower!

In the 60’s and 70’s lace was a big part of the cake decoration. Is this re-emerging in a different way now – e.g. the bride wanting a copy of her gown lace on the cake?

Yes, definitely! A lot of my wedding cakes have a lace feature on them and it is usually to match or a representation to the bride’s dress.


What are some trends you see happening over the next 12 months as far as cake design goes?

I follow a lot of popular cake artists, blogs and FB pages to keep up with what’s happening in the wedding world to see what the trends are. I think there will always be the traditional couple or the modern couple so designs to suit both will always be created. I am finding though couples are going for a traditional design but adding a modern twist on it such as a pop of colour or bit of bling.

Do you see a move to more colour (or less colour?) in cakes – both in the cake itself, decorations and fondant covering the cake?

Over the years I have seen both, really depending on the couple’s choice of colours for the wedding. I have seen a big trend in metallics incorporated into the design, which I adore.

Do you make gluten free cakes?

Yes I can accommodate those who are gluten in-tolerant.

Your cupcakes are also works of art. Are these still popular in place of the traditional bridal cake?

Most couples these days are opting for the traditional tiered cake but cake or dessert tables have become very popular which I have been making cupcakes and other sweet treats for. Cupcakes are also a great idea to combine the cake and guest favour as one which I have done a few times.


What do you particularly love about creating wedding cakes?

Being a part of such an amazing event. I am always so happy and grateful that people love my work and trust me to create what will probably be the most important cake of their life. The positive feed back I always get from my couples makes me feel so blessed that I am able to do something I completely love.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love going to the gym for a good workout. It is the only time away from work, kids, house work…. that I can concentrate on just myself. It’s my perfect stress reliever!

Thank you Lynette for sharing your story. To find out more about Cakes2Kreate visit the website.

All images taken by Lynette Mary.



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