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Vivien and Gary

Vivien and Gary chose Sydney harbour for their engagement photos. Both with a Chinese background, their decision to stay in Australia for five years meant that they wanted to mix their own Chinese heritage with their love for Australia in their engagement photos.  They chose Milque Photography to capture their photos, using the iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney harbour Bridge as the backdrop.

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Of their proposal. Vivien tells, “Gary proposed the first time our parents met each other in China. Both of our families liked each other very much, and my father asked for Vivien’s father’s permission for our marriage. They were shocked, because it was only their first meeting!”

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Gary tells, “We met in Brisbane, as the International student of the University of Queensland. That was our first year in Australia, I met Vivien at my friend’s home, that is a stunning moment!

I remember I met a girl that was shining and I felt like the world was shaking. We were studying in the same university in China as well. We also living in the same student college in Beijing. We were amazed that we came from two different cities in China, and used to studied in same uni, lived in the same building, but met in a foreign country!”

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The couple chose to include the colour red as homage to their Chinese background, Gary notes, “When we first saw each other, we fell in love. Vivien is always very supportive when I hesitate about something, and she is very good at cooking as well! She helps me to live a life more colorful and spiritual.”

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