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Image by Meredith Lord via Sarah and Tom’s New Zealand Farm Wedding

One of the biggest trends that has emerged this wedding season (we were run off our feet with these at Chic Rustique) and is certain to hang around (wink wink!) is the hanging floral installation. They are dreamy for sure and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want one at their wedding. I would like however to make sure you have all the facts about these dazzling displays before setting your heart on one. Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than these showstopping decorations but there are a few important logistical, physical and financial pros and cons to take into consideration before saying “I do”!

1. The biggest part about a hanging installation (flowers or anything else) is whether there is something to hang it from. I recently was asked to do a quote for a bride who had booked a venue where it would be impossible to hang anything from the ceiling. Now I know not everyone is an expert when it comes to whether a ceiling is suitable for a suspended installation, but if a hanging floral is a massive part of your styling dream (as was my client’s!) check with the venue before you book it. And don’t assume you can whack hooks in ‘willy nilly’ as most venues have strict rules as to what you can do to the walls and ceilings. So next time you walk into a venue take my advice and look up!

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stylish city wedding072Image by Two Girls with a Camera via Amanda and Heath’s Stylish City Wedding

 2. Which brings me to my second point. So you have found a venue which has the means for you to hang your dream floral centrepiece. Be careful at this stage that the room has enough height. If your arrangement is going to be touching the tables when you sit down it may not be ideal. Sure, a low floral can look super cool hanging just above the bridal table but in practical terms you need enough room for a tall person to be able to jump and raise his hands and only just skim the bottom of it. Don’t underestimate how alluring a few hanging flowers can look to people after a few glasses of Moet!

spring winery wedding065Image by Joseph Koprek via Esther and Omar’s Spring Winery Wedding

3. Big hanging florals are in at the moment so make sure that the infrastructure in place is stable enough to hang large scale – and heavy – creations. It is very different hanging a few single stems roses from a wagon wheel to a full blown voluptuous construction!

rustic elegance wedding045Image by Sarah Tonkin Photography via Aleksandra and Shannon’s Rustic Elegance Wedding

4. Logistics is paramount with setting up these beauties. Talk to your florist or stylist and ask them how much time they will need to install it, whether they will need to create it on site, and how much time they will need to do that. Some venues only allow you access a few hours before your wedding begins and hanging florals can be very time consuming. If a florist knows the time constraints they will be prepared which makes for happy people all round.

relaxed farm wedding139Image by Luke Lornie Photography via Jayne and Zeke’s Relaxed Farm Wedding

5. And finally, the big consideration! Cost! We all agree that they look just amazing and they will deliver the ‘wow’ factor on your wedding day but don’t think they come cheap! Even if you have a ceiling of foliage, it still has to be bought (or gathered) and installed so please be realistic about your budget. And please, please, please leave it to the professionals to install as the last thing you need is a huge arrangement cascading down over your entire reception during the wedding speeches. Everybody likes a bit of drama but you want your wedding to be talked about for the right reasons, right? Auntie Daphne wearing a tree for a hat is not the right reason!


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Some really important tips to consider about beautiful floral installations – particularly how long they take to install!

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