Things You Should Know About Your Wedding Photographer

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Matt Rowe Photography

From that first moment when the make up artist arrives to when you throw your bouquet and wave the last of your goodbyes as newlyweds, we spend so much time with you on “your day of days”. You rely on us to capture those moments that time can’t replay. So what should you know about your wedding photographer…..

1. We love what we do. Sounds like a cliché, but it isn’t. Wedding photography walks a fine line between professional services and creative ‘put-your-heart-out-there goodness’. With us at Matt Rowe Photography, there is a lot of passion and emotion behind the images you receive from your wedding day.

We have moments where the adrenalin takes over and we feel we are sculpting art, we wait with bated breath to hear your reactions to your photos and we hold our own memories of each wedding we become part of.

Matt Rowe Photography

2. You matter. A lot. The relationship between photographer and couple is paramount. Your day, your photos and your trust are what start this ball rolling.  We build up speed when we find the spaces of truth in your interactions, tears when it’s all heart-poundingly real and the laughs throughout the day.

It is our pleasure to know that the photographic element of your day also becomes one of the fun memories you will reflect on as you grow together throughout the years.

Matt Rowe Photography

3. We take our time. We do ask that genuine time is allocated for your photos and there is a ‘selfish reason’ and an emotional reason for this. Art takes time: our focus is light and location and then letting it all come together naturally with your interactions. We allow the time to get it right and we know that you haven’t employed our services (and witty company) for ‘happy snaps’.

The other reason to take the time out is that, in all honesty, your wedding photography time is one of the few moments in your wedding day when you are together alone (sort of, we have long lenses so take some space). This is the time when you get to breathe and take in each-other and the magnitude of your day. It is also time for laughs and fun, because, once you return to your family and friends, it is time to mingle once again.

Matt Rowe Photography

4. You may need to complete a series of physical challenges before the day is over. Let’s be serious now, there are some awesome locations and diverse scenery around the place, yet often it requires a little hike, some rock climbing or perhaps the brave trek through the cow paddock. Is it worth it? Yes!

We love to provide our couples with unique wedding photos and we realise the creative experience of finding new angles and working with unique personalities to create images that are profoundly you. We also like to get you laughing therefore we endeavour to create some magic for real hilarity!

Matt Rowe Photography

5. Ipads really bother us. (iphones, too, if we are going to be really honest!) So many times beautiful potentials are ruined by Aunty Maud’s big red iPad flashing about as you walk down the aisle. We love an ‘unplugged’ ceremony and it’s not just about removing the touch screens from our frames, there is something almost tangible that happens within an ‘unplugged ceremony’.

Your guests become keenly present; they are not distracted by the perceived need to record every moment (we have that covered!), but rather their attention is exactly where it should be and their presence as you exchange vows becomes part of the wonderful ritual that is marriage.

Matt Rowe Photography

6. Wedding photography is a passion. We wouldn’t do it if our hearts weren’t in it! Yes, there is so much happening behind the scenes, yes our equipment and insurances cost a lot. And, yes, we spend most of the working week at the computer (with caffeine at the ready). For us, as predominantly a husband and wife team, photographing weddings is a creative outlet.

We work seamlessly together and can almost predict each other’s movements. (I like to think of it as a little dance we do). We have become so in-tune that we will release our shutters often at the same moments and capture both bride and groom when the tears well up tor the laughter starts. We would like you to know that we sincerely put a lot of love into your day of love. When we leave and it feels like we have spent the day with friends, we know it’s been a good one!

Matt Rowe Photography

Images by Matt Rowe Photography

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Thanks Matt for your candid insights; we’d better remember our hiking boots for those rock climbing shots!

About Matt Rowe Photography: We started as many wedding photographers do: with an awesome camera (Nikon of course!) and a group of friends who were starting to ‘tie the knot’.  Driven by art and creativity, we find immense pleasure in combining the elements within a frame to create sheer ‘awesome-ness’. Working with you to get the best expressions – the laughter as you both produce your “Zoolander”, or gulping back the tears as you realise the step you’ve just taken together– is one of the true drivers for our photography!

  • Suzanne Riley says:
    May 18, 2015 at 6:45 pm

    I love this article.. having worked with you Matt so many times, I am bursting to shout out .. yes yes yes to everything you’ve mentioned… the passion you have for your art shows in your finished product but as importantly, you are amazing to be around on the day… a dream team… love your work.
    Suzanne Riley Marriage Celebrant

  • Hayley says:
    May 18, 2015 at 10:07 pm

    I only hope you are available when our time comes around. I have followed you for a long while and I am yet to see a wedding photographer capture the love and the essence of the day the way you do.

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