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Dee & Josh

It’s not often we go back to front, but we have featured these fine folk’s wedding a little while ago (Dee & Josh’s Eclectic Lilac Hill Wedding) and today? Today we feature the start of it all – their engagement photos captured by Christine Lim! The couple chose Kings Park for their engagement photos- taking advantage of the beautiful backdrops of the inner city oasis.

Dee tells the tale of how they came to be. “Josh and I have been together for five years. We first met through mutual friends, Josh was backpacking through Australia and little did we know this would become something very special juggling our lives between Australia and the UK. We have done 2 visas together and now Josh lives here although I have lived in the UK and we have travelled back and forward to be together.”

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Of the proposal, Dee recalls, “We flew over to Bali on a holiday when Josh was over here visiting (he didn’t live here yet). He proposed on the last night of our holiday and it really made the holiday memorable and something we will never forget.”

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