Scott and Mark

The Proposal

We had been together since November 2002 when Mark proposed in December 2008 on White Island New Zealand which is an active volcano… he knows that I am fascinated by volcanoes. We were originally planning on marrying at Lake Louise Canada at the Fairmont but not many family or friends could come. So as soon as NZ passed marriage equality in 2013, we couldn’t wait to be married in the same country where the proposal occurred. We chose Queenstown as we love the snow capped mountains and lake setting which is similar to Lake Louise.

Wedding Theme

The colour theme was black, white and green. Because our venue backs on to the Remarkables Mountain range in Queenstown which features snow capped mountains and a rocky hillside with tussock grasses, we wanted to bring nature inside the venue but also add colour. As the grasses are varying colours of browns and oranges we wanted to bring green into the venue to brighten the venue and tables but also incorporate elements of nature so we included twig branches as centrepieces with hanging tea light candles. Moss balls and chrysanthemums were chosen for the base of the twig centrepieces. Orchids were chosen as our button holes and table decorations as my father and myself love orchids. Groomsmaid dresses were mint green to contrast with the mountain setting. Floral decorations including table, ceremomy and Groomsmaids flowers were a combination of white and green. We chose matching suits to signify our lives becoming one and the same and we kept that theme classic with plain black suits and tie and white shirts. All table linen was kept classic white as were the tables and chairs.

The Suits

We originally had a smaller budget and so bought cheaper suits to start with. But I was unhappy with them so convinced Mark that we needed to buy new ones so I would be happy on the day and not worrying how I looked (yes I was bridezilla). So we spent about 3 weekends unsuccessfully looking for new suits and then walking home from work one day I stopped into a shop to have a quick look and spotted the suit. Both Mark and I tried them on and instantly knew they were the ones. So already well over budget with the wedding, we decided to buy them anyway. They are from Messini in Pitt St Sydney.

new zealand wedding0022


Our mums walking us down the aisle as they are very important to us. We also had a warming of the rings ceremony where our rings were passed around to our guests and they were to wish health and happiness or good thoughts into the rings before they returned to us so those wishes would be with us for always.

Favourite Moments

There are too many to choose from. But photographs on top of the Remarkables mountain range and landing by helicopter at our ceremony with our guests standing in a heart formation are a few! Just before landing was when it all seemed real and the nerves kicked in. Also during the reception our videographers took us outside in the dark on the pontoon and had us dancing on wine barrels just like our old days of dancing on podiums at clubs. This turned out to be a spectacular moment capturing the fog from our breath as we sat on the wine barrels looking at each other.

Also on the day of our wedding, our wedding planner was standing on the pontoon over the lake where our ceremony would take place, organising our guests into the heart formation, getting ready for us to land by helicopter. As the guests were not in complete formation she asked them all to take a step forward (at the same time demonstrating the move by taking a step backward). Unfortunately there was no more pontoon for her to step back onto and she fell into the lake with her iPhone in hand. Completely submerged she arose from the lake holding her phone in true wedding planner style. She dried herself off and was there waiting for us to land, dripping wet and freezing cold on a winters day and continued planning our wedding until dry clothes arrived for her.

What Does Marriage Mean to You?

It symbolises the completion and formal unification of our relationship in front of the most important people in our lives. Our family and friends! It is a basic human right that we wanted our family and friends to witness so they could see our unconditional love and commitment that we have for each other. Marriage is about compromise and not sweating the small things. If the answer to something is No, then just say YES. “If the answer is definitely no, then just say YES YES”. It’s about sharing your life completely with your partner and enjoying that time. It’s about spending time with your best friend and doing the things you love in life together. I’s about love and understanding and most of all good communication.


Use Pinterest to gather ideas and then create a board of your favourite ones. Choose your colour scheme and design and then use the services of a professional wedding planner. Either as a full package or just to get ideas from. As they plan weddings all the time they know what will work and what will not and are not shy about telling you if something will look ghastly. They also take the stress out of the big day, leaving you to focus on the most important thing. Marrying your partner stress free.

Film & Images by Sunshine Wedding Films

Ms Gingham says: One of my all time favourite places in this world is Queenstown. Stunning wedding, stunning images! Congratulations Scott and Mark!