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Krista & Adam

Disasters happen – wedding venues go up for sale, vendors double book, people get struck down with illnesses. All of this happened and more to today’s couple – Krista and Adam but in the end, nothing could disturb the vibe and feeling of their relaxed beach side wedding. Everything that went wrong did and yet, because of that the day was even better then they’d hoped. Roy Byrne was there to capture it all as we tell their story today.

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The bride designed her gown, having it made by Louise Bateman. Krista recalls, “The bow ties were made to order by the talented Kylie at Beau in the Woods in the same fabric as the bridesmaid outfits (she pulled apart her husband’s Hugo Boss tie in order to sew them!”

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Sunshine and Confetti assisted with the styling and hire for the wedding day.

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Adam and Krista married at Point Perry, Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast. Krista tells, “Thankfully we got the best weather – sunny and not too windy – which is a blessing as there really wasn’t a back-up plan for rain. Apparently when I rocked up with the bridesmaids and my Dad at the ceremony, there were dolphins swimming past the point and an eagle flying overhead… seriously!! Crazy perfect day.”

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“Jock Barnes played live acoustic at the ceremony. Our play list included processional ‘Big Jetplane’, Angus and Julia Stone, signing the register ‘Better when we’re together’, Jack Johnson, recessional ‘Riptide’, Vance Joy.”
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Of their photographer, Krista remembers ,”Roy was such a legend. He looked awesome with his leather gun slinger camera straps and dreadlocks. He was nearly invisible when he needed to be but still managed to capture every fragment of our day. He had the help of his girlfriend Jordan so as not to miss a moment and the photos they have taken are a true reflection of the wedding atmosphere and who we are as a couple I think. All you need to do is look at the photos to see.”

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Guests celebrated at Peregian Beach House, Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast. Krista notes, “A lot of the wedding was DIY given our tight budget. I designed my dress and hair piece and the styling of the event and then had excellent help bringing it all to reality. I made the cake topper and Fitzy and I (with the help of our builder friend Nick Gibbs, also a guest) built a photo booth. I also made a photo board to display, using mini wooden pegs, the Polaroid photos of all of the guests. We displayed the flowers in bottles and jars we had collected and used my late grandmother’s doilies and table cloths on the dessert table and lawn bar. My mum also made the non-alcoholic fruit tea punch.”

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Krista remembers, “The lead up to the wedding was actually far from stress free. We had three vendors cancel because they were double booked and the reception venue was put up for auction (without the owners telling us). Thankfully for us it didn’t sell. My MC contracted dengue fever in Bangladesh and had to be airlifted home the week of the wedding. She wasn’t able to MC but still made it to the wedding which was brilliant. I think it was good we had all the dramas because the day itself went off without a hitch and was better than we could have planned for.”

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Krista notes, “My late grandmother’s crocheted doilies and tablecloths covered the dessert and bar tables.”

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Suzanne Quintner Fine Foods, D’Lish Burgers & Botanica Organic served up amazing food for the reception, the bride remembering, “The gourmet burger bar was a master stroke as was the BYO dessert table; a number of guests were asked to bring their favourite dessert on a plate… it was the most unbelievable dessert table you have ever seen!!!”

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Krista tells, “We are both very relaxed and wanted our wedding day to reflect that, the theme (if you could call it that) was mis-matched eclectic, from the bridesmaid dresses down to the wine.”

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Krista loved, “The Cake: Gluten free (you wouldn’t know it if you tasted it but I am coeliac) carrot cake with walnuts and lemon, cream cheese icing made by Vicky, a friend. Vicky used to own the Raw Energy at Peregian and Fitzy (the Groom used to manage a Raw Energy once upon a time). The carrot cake at Raw Energy was our super treat on a Sunday afternoon after a big weekend of training (we both used to compete in triathlons – Fitzy was professional). We weren’t keen on the typical wedding cake so we asked Vicky and it was delicious.”

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Krista remembers, “We didn’t do a first dance per se, instead we cued the bridal party that when the band started playing the upbeat version of ‘Walking on Sunshine’ we all had to hit the dance floor. It was mass participation and everyone, young and old, then joined in. The dancing took off from there, which was excellent fun.”

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Congratulations Krista and Adam! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Roy Byrne  for sharing today’s wedding with us!