How to Match Your Engagement Ring to Your Wedding Ring

Choosing a complementary wedding band for your engagement ring can be a tricky task. After all, you want it to stand out, but it still needs to look the part sitting next to your engagement ring.

Fortunately, there are a couple of tricks of the trade you can employ when it comes to finding the perfect partner for your engagement ring. Read on to find out more:

Two of a Kind

Picture of two rings on a leaf & petal

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Is your engagement ring made from soft metal? If so, then it’s a good idea to choose a soft metal wedding band too. This is because hard metal rings can rub against soft metal rings and damage them over time.

It’s also a good idea to match the colour of your wedding bands. If you’ve gone for a platinum engagement ring, opt for a platinum wedding band. Not only will your rings look they were meant for each other, they will also wear at the same rate, so you won’t have one ring looking brand new, whilst the other one is looking a little tired!

Head to Sparkle Central

A Matching Platinum Wedding Ring and engagement Ring

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Another effective way of matching your rings is to incorporate the same gems on each ring. This can tie two designs together very effectively, as well as making your finger extra sparkly!
Including gems on both rings will also help mask any scrapes and scratches a plain wedding band might obtain over the course of a lifetime. Make sure your gems match by following the same cut, clarity and carat specifications of your engagement ring.

Make Room for The Perfect Fit

Custom Design wedding bands

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Have you considered a custom designed band to shape around your engagement ring? This can be a totally bespoke design and is a nice way to complement an awkward-shaped engagement ring.
You can, of course, purchase wedding band sets, where the engagement ring and wedding band are designed as a pair. However, more people are employing the skills of master jewellers to turn their designs into reality.

Don’t Upstage the Wedding Ring

Dont Upstage

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Depending on the type of engagement ring you have chosen, you will need to be very careful when it comes to looking at the width of your wedding band. Engagement rings run the risk of overshadowing delicate wedding bands. However, if you ensure your wedding band is slightly wider, it won’t be dominated by your engagement ring, regardless of how sparkly it is!

Ring Twins

Image by Moreland Photography via Style Me Pretty

Don’t forget, you can always match your wedding ring with that of your significant other. Why not get the same inscription on both of your bands? Or how about the date of your big day?
You could also think about including the same type of gem from your engagement ring into the groom’s wedding band too. Although this is fairly unusual and will depend on the groom’s style. Spend plenty of time conducting research and utilise the help of your friends and family to get their ideas on how you can find the perfect partner for your engagement ring.

Don’t be shy and dismiss any ring styles or diamond cuts that you hadn’t previously considered. It’s fine to experiment. After all, this is huge purchase! However, it’s not wise to head for anything too trendy. Bear in mind, this is a piece of jewellery you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life, with a range of outfits! Yes, it needs to be original and meaningful, but it should also be timeless and something you are proud to wear every day.

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