Dipped Bottle Candle Holder Tutorial

Oh how the romance of the taper candle enchants me! I have been loving the look of dipped vessels lately and wanted to create an easy centrepiece idea that captured that modern feel.

We collected wine bottles in all shades of green and then came up with this ‘dipped’ bottle tutorial. It’s actually a lot easier than dipping and a lot easier to get the exact effect you like because instead of dipping – they’re sprayed!

Dipped bottle candle holder tutorial 2

What You’ll Need:

– Your assorted bottles (we used wine bottles in different colours of glass)

– Spray paint – we used gold

– Masking tape

– Newspaper


1. Tape off your shapes using your masking tape. We chose quite hard angles and geometric styles for this project. Make sure your edge line is clean and pressed down firmly.

2. Cover the areas you don’t want painted with newspaper. This includes the mouth of the bottle if you want to keep that paint free.

3. In a well ventilated area with plenty of ground coverage lie your bottles on baking paper and get spraying! Use short, light strokes with your spray can to prevent drips. Cover your bottles with paint up to the tape lines.

4. Once dry, slowly pull off the tape and clean up any edges with mineral turpentine and a cotton bud.

5. Stick your candles into the bottles and voila!

Dipped bottle candle holder tutorial 3Images by Ms Polka Dot