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Ellen & Adam

One of my favourite things about Ellen and Adam’s romantic rooftop wedding is not the movie screen set up, not the fact they they wed in a garden to honour the homemade “Gin Garden” Ellen set up in Adam’s backyard when they first started dating, but that they chose this rooftop venue because they wanted to shout their love for each other from the rooftops.. and that’s exactly what they did! fotojojo was there to capture all the magic.

Ellen and Adam tell. “We worked together for years before we started dating, but it was doing the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle that brought us together – hence the zombie touches in our decorations.”

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The couple met before the ceremony for photographs, Adam gifting his almost wife a necklace from Best Name Necklace,

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Ellen chose a soft pink tulle gown from Ouma while Adam was outfitted in a suit from Godwin Charli.

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Flower Vasette created the softly toned floral arrangements for the day.

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Ellen and Adam chose Tonic House for their celebrations, remembering, “When we first began dating, Ellen did some surprise guerrilla gardening in Adam’s backyard – she laid down astro turf, potted bamboo, set up deck chairs, tea light candles and lanterns. This became our very own Gin Garden, and when we chose a wedding venue, we wanted to recreate the intimate feeling of their romantic, urban garden. But most of all we wanted shout our love for each other from the rooftops of Melbourne! (which we did during the ceremony). ”

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Ellen remembers, “We handed out traditional Italian confetti (sugared almonds) from a silver tray with a spoon to each guest at the end of the night. Five almonds each to represent the wishes for the life of the new couple – Health, Fertility, Longevity, Happiness and Wealth.”

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Ellen remembers “Adam and I walked down together to The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel. Our entrance was just lovely and so us – we came up to the rooftop in separate elevators and walked down the aisle together, to the cheers of friends and family.”

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Ellen tells, “We bought a beautiful ring dish from Paloma’s Nest, and tied our wedding rings to it for a ring warming ceremony. The rings were passed between the guests throughout the ceremony, allowing everyone to hold them and send their blessings and wishes to the bride and groom.”

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Ed Dixon Food Design catered the wedding feeding guests platters of antipasti,  roving canapes and plenty of amazing cocktails.

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Letter Lights provided a LOVE sign which was a focal point for the celebration, the bride remembering “The LOVE sign was the perfect backdrop for our ceremony, and it just got better as the sun set and it became the feature for photos and special moments.”

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Ellen tells, “The rooftop allowed us to play with the space, so we decided to put together a video to project onto the building next door. Adam spent many hours putting together a collection of special moments and beautiful images that were projected stories high after the sun set.”

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Of their first dance, Ellen remembers, “We had the band playing the Connie’s Wedding Song from The Godfather’s famous opening wedding scene as we danced together under the fairy lights.”

Congratulations Ellen and Adam! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to fotojojo for sharing today’s spectacular wedding!