heart print napkin tutorial

I think napkins are one of those things that are so often overlooked yet they can add so much fun and colour to your reception! This tutorial is a simple potato print napkin tutorial and uses those techniques we all learned back in primary school to make something fun and effective to lay down at your guest’s plates as they enjoy a feast with you!

What You’ll Need:

– Napkins (I sourced bulk cotton ones from eBay but they’re also found at kitchen or catering supply stores).

– Potatoes

– Fabric paint

– A template with your desired shape

– A paint brush

– An iron


1. Wash your potato and cut in half (depending on the width and size of your shape, you can cut either way to give your hand the maximum area to hold on to!)

2. Dry your potato with a paper towel and using the template, draw on the shape you wish to stamp.

3. Carve the shape out with a sharp knife.

4. Leave the potato overnight to dry out.

5. Iron your napkins to ensure they’re wrinkle free for the best stamping result.

5. Coat your “stamp” using a paintbrush and your fabric paint.

6. Lie your napkins on firm flat surface,  and then? The fun part – stamp your heart out! We chose a random heart pattern with gold paint for this idea. The other fun bit is that the hearts look rustic and a bit free form – so you don’t have to be too precise with placement.

7. Leave your napkins to dry overnight, and then iron to set.

potato print napkin tutorial

Tutorial and images by Ms Polka Dot