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Terleah & Adam

There is a sense of comfort about today’s wedding. A sense that Terleah and Adrian not only had the time of their lives, but did so in a way that truly reflected the day that they dreamt of. From finding a venue above their favourite bar, to spending the bulk of the day together – if I could get a seat on that party bus, you can bet I would! Tricia King was there to capture it all!

Terleah tells the story of how they came to be. “We were introduced through friends and bonded over our shared love of laughing and trying to out quote each other with movie quotes.”

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Terleah chose a gown and hairpiece by Bo & Luca, her bridesmaids wore mismatched nude pink gowns of their own choosing, complete with a wrist corsage by Bella Bloom Floral Design who also created the bride’s bouquet.

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I love the way Terleah and Adrian settled on a wedding day scheduled that worked for them, the bride noting, “The boys and girls got ready separately in the morning, then everyone got together at the bride’s parent’s house for lunch, to then be whisked off in a party bus to have all the photos wrapped up before the ceremony. The idea of spending the day apart from the person you are about to commit to spending the rest of your life with didn’t really gel with us, so we made it our own. It also meant that all of the bridal photos were done before the ceremony, so we got to enjoy the entire party with our guests.”

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The couple hired a bus from Murrays Bus Line to transport the bridal party.

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Cocktail bar, The Loft, West End was chosen for a one stop shop venue. Terleah explaining, “Archive Beer Boutique is one of our favourite pubs, great beer, great food and a great venue. They had recently opened up a cocktail bar upstairs, The Loft, so we decided where else to get married but at our favourite pub! The venue itself is already beautifully styled and it’s got plenty of rich red brick walls and polished concrete floors. We had the ceremony and reception all in the one place and because we had our photos done before the ceremony it meant we could join the guests post ceremony and roll straight into the fun.”

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Of their photographer, Terleah notes, “We pretty much booked our date for the wedding based on Tricia’s availability. I had seen some photos online of hers before we were engaged while she was operating under The Itchy Eyes, and I knew that when the time came she was our lady. We did an engagement shoot as well with Tricia which culminated in a giant water fight, it was so much fun. Tricia’s work is so honest and she captures moments and lets you be your true self, no posing or cheesy set ups.”

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Paul Voge performed the marriage ceremony, the bride noting, “We were very lucky to have snagged Paul Voge as our marriage celebrant, we only had a short engagement (7 months) and he is usually booked out well in advance of that. Paul is so incredibly hands on and really makes the ceremony very personal to you. He also makes you think about what you want included in the ceremony and makes sure it’s significant to you (read no Googled loved poems). But it almost didn’t go ahead as his wife was due to give birth to their second daughter two days before the wedding! Luckily little Molly came into the world safely and we were able to still have him on the big day!”

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Terleah walked down the aisle to  “Simply the Best” by the Citizens – a modern cover of the Tina Turner classic.

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Terleah explains, “Both of Adrian’s parents have passed away over the last couple of years, so it was important to incorporate them into the day as much as possible. We got a lot of inspiration from their wedding photos, one of our favourites is of them cutting the cake, they look so happy and excited. They are also standing in front of a red brick wall, which ended up being the background for our day. Our invitations featured a red brick wall and the venue has red brick walls. It meant a lot for us to have these little touches of them in our day.”

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“We aren’t overly crafty or creative people so we avoided DIY at all costs. The only part of the day that we did DIY were spray painting the place cards (which were little toy animals) gold, painting the candles gold and typing up the place cards with my mother in law’s type writer.”

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The first dance didn’t quite go as planned but was still a highlight of the night, the bride remembering, “Our first dance was to Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police. Two days before the wedding Adrian ruptured his quad muscle (which he had surgery to repair it when we got home from the honeymoon) so due to his limited movements it was very much a stand and sway dance. The rest of our guests then joined us on the dance floor to dance the night away.”

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Roost Film Co were on hand to film the couple’s day. From including their personal music choices to the parts of the ceremony that had me crying over my tea- it’s definitely worth a watch!

Congratulations Terleah and Adrian! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Tricia King for sharing today’s wedding with us!