Anna and Scott’s Australian Farm Engagement Photos

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Anna & Scott

There is so much I love about Anna & Scott’s Australian farm engagement photos. Nothing really beats those Australian sunsets, golden sun bleached grass and the beautiful homesteads. In amongst it all is a story – a country girl who fell in love with a city boy. Of how they met, they tell, “We met through mutual friends, but then reunited through facebook. Where Scott found Anna popping up in pictures and started chatting online. From here realised we knew each other and reconnected through a dinner date.”

Gemma Clarke Photography traveled to the bride’s family farm, outside of Mudgee to capture the place where so much of Anna & Scott’s story has unfolded.

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Anna remembers,”Scott didn’t remember my name for the first three months of dating and kept calling me babe. Then couldn’t remember my mum’s name and called her the wrong name quite a lot on the phone even in his speech he had to think about it before thanking her (we have been together for 6 years!).”

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On what he loves about Anna, Scott tells, “Her determination, her silliness, her commitment to one task at a time, her random bursts of weird conversations or laughter, her fashion style.”

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Of the proposal, Anna remembers, “Knowing I love the bush and relaxing in peace and quiet he treated me to a surprise get away to the Blue Mountains where he took me to a treehouse resort for three days, bushwalking, gardens and wildlife watching. After this (he) played my favourite song whilst proposing in the outside hot tub within the trees. (Scott) proposed with his grandmother’s ring.”

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“I am a country girl turned city girl once meeting the love of my life in the ‘big smoke’ Sydney, 6 years ago. Facebook enabled our two paths to cross and create a very unique love story. I was ready for my journey as teacher and he was the party king. Two futures that may have seemed to go in different directions but as time progressed we created one life together. The country is my other life, and introducing Scott to this life was nerve-racking, especially when arriving in his ‘surfy’ clothes, turbo Subaru and trance music blaring. The first meeting of my father was a long walk through a paddock, what was said I will never know, but from that day our love blossomed.”

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“Farm work is not for the light hearted, and spending weeks at a time up on the Wellington property (40 minutes from Mudgee) Scott began to really fit in and attempt sheep work, cattle work and even got to ride the motorbikes. The long trips in the truck with Dad always ended in some insightful messages for Scott and I to take away, and to this day he continues to talk about.”

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“Even the asking of Dad’s permission for my hand in marriage was interrupted by Scott having to catch a sheep first, which Dad says he does well. As we could not have our wedding on the farm, we decided to do portraits before the wedding. This was the most special occasion for me to venture to my most favourite spots where I grew up and could give these to my parents to cherish. The 120 year old sheds and house were captured so beautifully with my soon to be husband standing next to me in his complete transformation of Akubra hat, RM Williams belt and chequered shirt, what a turn-around from his surfy shorts and thongs. From riding the motorbikes, to climbing our heritage rocks, from stepping in numerous cow pats, to frolicking through the crops it truly started the beginning of what was going to be our most special day.”

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On what she loves about Scott, Anna says, “His generosity and sincerity, his unique sense of humour, his shyness that can turn into an absolute character, his ability to get me out of a bad mood, his effort put into loving me and making me happy.”

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