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My husband Joshy and I recently did a photoshoot at Boomerang Farm on the Gold Coast in our new Maddy Dress. We became husband and wife at this unique location and wanted to take a trip down memory lane.

Joshy and I met in our first year at University in the library. We were both 17 years old and I thought he was so cute (baby cute, not hot cute haha). He apparently had a crush on me but I just thought he was the funniest guy I had ever met. I remember getting dirty looks from the Uni Students when I could not stop laughing in the library from all his hysterical stories. Joshy was tall, skinny, had a mop of curly hair and had braces at the time, I was way too cool for him!! That is until I met him 4 years ago and how things had changed… Joshy had bulked up, shaved his head and I literally drooled when I saw him at 3 beans in Broadbeach, Gold Coast! The rest is history.

Joshua’s side of the story: “I met Carla at University. We weren’t studying the same course but we had a mutual friend and shared the same study area in the library. I don’t know why I ever took books to study, all I did was try to impress Carla. Once she left for class I would go home straight away.”

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We had only been dating for a few months and he introduced me to his family at Byron Bay for a camping trip. (Yes camping, I nearly made an excuse so I didn’t have to sleep in a tent). We took a walk to the light house and I just remember feeling so comfortable with him and I just knew in my heart that he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. He has the kindest soul.

Joshua’s side of the story: “We were in Carla’s small flat (it was literally the size of car) and we felt so at ease with each other, so happy and most importantly made each other laugh so much. In that exact moment, I knew I wanted to marry this girl.”

Joshy will often turn off all technology in our house and just take me out on a date. Running your own business consumes you. It’s so refreshing when he takes me away from this for just a couple of hours and it just reminds me why I love him so much. He is the most thoughtful person. He always surprises me. I always try to have the house clean, cook him a meal (I am the worst cook so I am really trying here, Mum even gave me some lessons the other day). Quality time is the big one for us.

Joshua’s side of the story: “Due to my work commitments, I wake up hours before Carla every day except Sunday. I set my alarm 5 minutes early so that I can snuggle with her before I get up. I won’t leave the bed without giving her a kiss. As a couple we have date night every Tuesday. This night is sacred and we never miss it. It’s purely time for Carla and I to spend time with each other without anybody else. Mobile phones are banned from date night! We also show our love through other different ways, such as who turns the light off out in the hallway even though we’re both cosy in bed haha. Quite often I love Carla more when it comes to those things.

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I love Joshy’s smile, his eyes and how he ALWAYS thinks about everyone except himself. I love the way he treats my friends and family. The way my friends love him and just want a ‘Joshy twin’.

Joshua’s side of the story: “Carla has the best laugh in the world. Even if she’s laughing at my expense, if I hear that belly roar laughter she possesses nothing makes me happier. On a more serious note Carla has inspired me recently to work towards my own personal goals. She’s been really supportive of me which is something I really appreciate.”

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Images by Glass Slipper Photography

Ms Gingham says: You make a stunning couple Carla and Joshy! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and story and congratulations on the creation of such a beautiful bridal gown!

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