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Vanessa & Wade

 I love a beautiful winery wedding and the relaxed winery wedding of Vanessa and Wade is right up my alley – beautiful blooms, a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception! Matt Streatfeild – Matts Photography was there to capture the moments as they happened.

Vanessa tells the story of how they came to be. “We met through my sister and her now husband, who lived with one of Wade’s great mates (and one of our groomsmen) Nathan. Being Newcastle, we would frequently run into one another at mutual friends’ events. We would often be drawn to one another in a room, but waited a few years till we actually got our act together and started dating. Seven years on and we are married!”

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Vanessa chose a lace gown by Johanna Johnson. Vanessa remembers “Wade and I were lucky to pull on the help of many of our friends and family to help wit the day. My cousin Taylor who lives in Mossvale, did an awesome job on the Makeup and made the morning extra fun by being there. One of our bestfriends Tiff, did the hair and again made the morning nice and relaxed. Megan Bradford did an exceptional job on the desert bar and it was demolished very quickly by all the guests. Wade’s cousin Blake helped us out by getting one of his friends to video the wedding day and then he spent countles shours editing to give us an amazing wedding video. Without these guys, our wedding wouldn’t have been the day it was and we cant thank them enough! ”

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Vanessa walked down the aisle to Hold me in your arms by Southern Sons.

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Vanessa and Wade chose Tamburlaine Organic Wines for their wedding. Vanessa tells, “We had the ceremony and reception on the grounds of Tamburliane. This was an easy choice for us as they are a small family business and they’re passion for what they do was evident from the first time we met them. Lou, Crystal and the team at Tamburlaine made the night effortless and it went off without a single hitch! It is such a beautiful venue with a relaxed nature, gorgeous grounds and a big enough reception area that we easily fit our 16 guests and had plenty of room to dance!”

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Vanessa tells, “One of my favourite moments (and I would hope Wades) was the ceremony. I think seeing each other for the first time is the absolute best moment and something you can’t describe until you are there. We both got a little teary (which is evident in our pics). I also loved the vows we wrote to one another and shared in front of our family and friends. This is a moment I will never forget and can still remember 6 months on exactly what I said to Wade and what he said back.”

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Of their photographer, Vanessa and Wade tell, “We used Matts Photography who is a friend of ours and has photographed many of our family and friends weddings. We love his work and are so impressed with our pictures. It was easy with Matt as we were relaxed around him and could have fun. He is very passionate about his work and didn’t stop the entire day/night and this shows in the photos we have received. Everyone has complimented our album.”

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Vanessa describes the day as, “Relaxed, centered around family, friends our love for one another and having a great time! ”

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Peonies Floral Designer styled the event, including the flowers, the bride Vanessa remembers, “Wade being a builder did a little bit of DIY by making a few signs and the wooden features that sat on our tables. We were fortunate that we had the amazing skills of Peonies to pull all of our ideas together, enabling us to relax and enjoy the lead up as well as the day without the stress of having to do it ourselves. I cannot thank Peonies enough for how easy it was for them to make anything we suggested and bring it together 10 times better than we could have imagined.”

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Vanessa remembers, “We loved that we had all of our family and friends together in the one room and that the genuine love and support they have for us could be felt by Wade and I so intensely. That we were able to relax and enjoy the day, knowing we had an amazing team of people around us who helped the day go off without a hitch. That we spent the entire day smiling and laughing with one another and our amazing family and friends particularly the bridal party. That we had the most kindest words spoken about us during the speeches.”

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For their first dance, Vanessa remembers, “Wade and I are both not the dancing type and Wade had some reservations about the first dance but being the supportive boyfriend (soon to be husband) he knew the formalities were important to me. We just shuffled around the dance floor to 500 miles by Sleeping at Last but I’ll remember that moment always and the selflessness of him to share in the moment with me, knowing how much he didn’t really want to.”

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Congratulations on your marriage Vanessa and Wade! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Matt Streatfeild – Matts Photography  for sharing today’s celebration with us!