custom engagement ring


We’ve always known and loved custom online jeweler StyleRocks for the ability to sit down and create just what you want with a few clicks. It truly is an online custom jewellery experience! So I was even more excited recently to see that StyleRocks have introduced engagement rings!

Designed to make engagement ring shopping a breeze, StyleRocks has set things out differently to a traditional jeweler. Firstly – as with every StyleRocks piece you’re able to choose and visualise your design on their website. Choose from three metals (platinum, 18 or 14 carat gold, in yellow, white or rose) and your style and then your diamond. Visualise it all on the screen right in front of you (and if you need an idea of how it will look on your hand, StyleRocks offers a custom mold service where they deliver a 3D version of your ring to try on before you commit to the real deal.

The key with StyleRocks is how they’ve categorised diamonds to make it easy. Each diamond is a 1 carat size and there are three central grades to choose from (A, AA and AAA) each grade dependent on the diamond’s colour and clarity characteristics and quality. The system, designed to simplify the four C’s allows buyers to choose a diamond, resting in the knowledge the hard work and confusing categorizing has been done for you.

,Each ring comes with a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate, as well as a valuation certificate from an accredited valuer from the National Council of Jewellery Valuers.

The custom engagement ring experience is available by visiting the StyleRocks website.

custom engagement rings