We love hearing from wedding vendors who are so generous in imparting their knowledge of all things wedding related to us! This year was no exception on the blog where we had a huge number of wedding professionals logging in and writing articles for our benefit. Here are our top posts from 2014.

1.Top Ten Bridal Trends For 2014

Henry Roth gave us the insider’s tips and upcoming trends for the year that was!

2.Bridal Fashion Trends 2014

Clearly we love having our finger on the pulse of fashion trends! This post by Fara Couture was our second most popular this year!

3. The First Dance – What Do Those Lyrics Really Mean?

I loved this post by Andy Zito of TRIO and I’m so happy to see it reach number three on our most popular list. Hopefully couples are paying more attention to the lyrics of the songs they choose to represent their love for one another now!

Jenna and James’ Coral Orange Wedding Image by Welsch Photography

4. Lovelocked: A Fresh New Bridal Fair

Brand new bridal fair concept Lovelocked launched to great accolades this year. We loved hearing all about the new fair where a full ceremony is styled and takes place in front of the “guests” who happen to be those attending the fair.

Image by Nicole Barralet Photography

5. Wedding Albums – Are They Really Necessary?

Jade Norwood Photography joined us with this interesting post on wedding albums. Are they really necessary or can the same be achieved by keeping digital images?

6. The Golden Rules For Being A Bridesmaid

This post written by our own Ms Chevron, who was a bridesmaid at her brother’s wedding this year, is such a beautiful letter to all future bridesmaids out there.

Image by Alcorn Images

7. What Would They Know? Jennifer Kennedy of Bells n Whistles Events

Our What Would They Know series is a weekly spot where we discuss all things business and wedding related with one of our vendors. It’s so great to see this post hit number 7 on our most popular list because it shows that we love hearing about these talented people (in this case Jennifer Kennedy from Bells N Whistles Events) and are interested in what they have to say behind the scenes!

8. How To Write Your Wedding Vows

Joshua Withers has become a real regular on Polka Dot Wisdom and we just love having him because his posts are truly informative, entertaining and spot on with the current industry happenings! This one is no different and is a real example of a professional giving great advice to our readers!

Photo by Just For Love Photography

9. What Is An On The Day Wedding Coordinator

Wedding planner Sharon of Wedding Day PA gave us this post about what makes an on the day wedding coordinator and how this service differs from a full wedding planning service. A great post by a lovely lady who at the time of publication happens to be newly engaged!

Image by Vanessa Norris Photography

10. How To Plan A Winter Wedding the Right Way

Another subject that’s close to our hearts is how to plan a winter wedding. This post by guest contributor Nat Green of Pillingers takes us through the ins and outs of planning a wedding at the cosiest time of year.

Image by Jonas Peterson via Whimsical Lavender And Green Queensland Wedding