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Sara & Daniel

The utter sense of joy in Sara and Daniel’s Spring garden wedding is palpable. From the bright and happy colour palette, the emotion filled ceremony, the wide open laughter from the bride and groom and the sense of joy that comes through each and every photo from Deep Grey Photography.

The couple won their wedding with Brisbane’s Race To The Altar competition (see their winning entry here) and planned the wedding in just eight weeks! Sara remembers, “We had started planning our wedding, for April 2015 when we heard about the race. Winning the race was absolutely incredible! We didn’t expect to win but had the best day running around Brisbane. We complemented each other perfectly during the race and the experience was a great way to set us up for our future together as husband and wife.”

Sara tells the story of how she and Daniel met. “Dan and I met at work. I was already working there and Dan was the new guy. I thought he was cute and although I didn’t yet know his name I talked about him all the time. I ended up giving him the nickname “Hairy Arm Man”. I introduced myself to Hairy Arm Man and took him on a tour of the office. After the lunch break ended I told him that was our first date and that it was his turn to organise the next one. He was obviously impressed and organised a dinner date in the city. It was the BEST first date and we both remember being so comfortable and happy. I knew he was special straight away.”

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The groom was dressed in a dapper suit from Wil Valor.

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Sara kicked off the Spring wedding theme with floral print shoes, explaining, “My shoes were from Shoes Of Prey. I designed them online and then they were on my doorstep in 2 weeks! The fitted with my secret garden theme perfectly and I love them!” Sara chose a gown from George Wu.

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Sara remembers, “My mum carried with her a picture of my Nan and a locket with a lock of her hair in it. It is all we have left of my Nan so it was very important for her to be there with us. She would have been very proud of me and I wish she was still around to meet my gorgeous new husband! She would have loved him.”

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The bridal bouquets were created by The Butterfly Lounge.

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Sara and Daniel married in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Sara telling, “The Botanic Gardens were so beautiful and we found an old tree with a big overhanging branch that we loved instantly. The spot we had booked was out of the wind and was lovely and green.”

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Sara remembers, “I walked down the aisle to my beautiful friend, Bethan Ellsmore (who, with Joel Woods, make Skylark Two) singing The First Day of My Life by Bight Eyes.  My mum and my little brother walked me down the aisle and gave me away. It was a special moment because growing up it was just the three of us and we are incredibly close. It was such a relief to have them both with me during the day and to help me get down the aisle!”

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Tracey Moyle – Ceremonies and Celebrations performed the ceremony.

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Every detail was carefully considered, Sara noting, “The pen we used to sign the register was made from wood salvaged from the old Hornibrook Bridge at Redcliffe. My family all came from Redcliffe and it was quite sentimental a pen to use as my relatives all used the old bridge when they first came to live in Australia.”

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Of their photographer, Sara says, “Our photographer was Adam from Deep Grey Photography. When we went to his house/office, it was instantly like going to a friend’s house! We were made to feel at ease straight away and chatted for ages! On the day, it was actually a relief to see his face after hours of hair and makeup as he was so chilled and made the whole process so easy. We then didn’t notice him at all during the ceremony but then had a great time walking the botanic gardens with him on our photo shoot. We had a laugh, and he knew how to bring out our natural funny selves in each photo. Oh yeah, and the photos came out amazing! ”

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The reception was held at Spring Food and Wine.  Sara remarking, “Spring Food and Wine were incredible. Every time we went there in the 8 weeks after the race and before the wedding we were treated like old friends catching up and they looked after us so well! Jasmine, who runs the whole night, was an incredible support and was more than happy to cater to my every whim in the days leading up to and on the big day. The space looked amazing and all of the guests raved about the great food.  Our bridal table was in the exact same spot we first opened our clues and began planning!

On the big day, Jasmine ran the show and it was comforting to know that, because she really knows how to look after a bride! At Dan’s request, Spring catered a champagne breakfast for the bridesmaids and I and Jasmine provided weather updates and comfort. Everyone needs a Jasmine at their wedding!”

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Sara and her family arranged the centrepiece flowers herself, the bride explaining, “We ordered the flowers from the markets at Rocklea and put them in jars the day before the wedding with the help of my mum. We wanted to create a wildflower, over grown garden feel which worked really well.”

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Dan’s favourite moment was the best man’s speech, Sara remarking, “His best friend, Harley delivered a memorable and hilarious speech at our reception that had everyone in stitches and us blushing!”

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As the newlyweds won the wedding competition dressed as Mario and Luigi, they chose Mario Cart Love song for their first dance. Sara noting, “We both loved that song as soon as we heard it and it was a cute choice as we were dressed as Mario and Luigi to win the race.”

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Congratulations on winning Race To the Altar Sara and Dan! Thank you for sharing your stories with us! Thank you also to Deep Grey Photography for sharing today’s wedding with us!