will you be my bridesmaid samantha wills

“Being best friends is the ability to communicate with just facial expressions, laughing so hard you can’t breathe and sharing all the important milestones in each others lives.”

There is not much more I love than wonderful girlfriends and these new bridesmaid inspired jewellery pieces from Samantha Wills placed behind a card that sums up that wonderful part of having a best friend is sure to make these new jewellery pieces show up in many bridesmaids hands this coming season.

Part of the Samantha Wills Fine Jewellery mantra collection, the designer has created two pendants in three precious metals (rose gold, gold and silver) which are the most beautiful way to ask your favourite people to be a part of your day. It’s not often I see such a special piece executed so beautifully and as someone so very sentimental, I would be delighted to have one of these in my jewellery box  to treasure forever.

The pendants come with two inscriptions – one with “Partners In Crime” on one side and “Bridesmaid” on the other the other with “Best Friend” on one side and “Bridesmaid” on the alternate.  Each is placed into a chic foil printed card with beautiful calligraphy quotes, with the question posed “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” and placed into a signature Samantha Wills carved box.


samantha wills bridesmaids0002will you be my bridesmaid card and necklace

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samantha wills will you be my bridesmaid