This rustic wood log pencil holder is so cute for the kids table at an outdoor wedding. We had one similar that my dad made for us at our wedding in a barn, which you can check out here.

Just add some pads of paper and the kiddies (and maybe some of the adults!) are all set for an afternoon of drawing.


What you need

– Thick piece of wood (branch or trunk). I foraged this from the side of the road but you might have a handy family member or friend that could chop a piece for you.

– A selection of coloured pencils. I picked up a pack at the $2 store.

– Electric drill.

– Drill bit about the same width as your pencils. Mine was 8mm.


Drill as many holes as you have coloured pencils into the wood. Make sure the holes are deep enough for the pencils to stand up in. This will make a bit of sawdust so do it somewhere that is easy to sweep up. Stick the pencils in and you are done! Easy huh?

Images and tutorial by emerald + ella

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