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Jemma & Tom

I think I fell in love with Jemma & Tom’s engagement shoot because it is just so darn happy. In every shot these two lovebirds are making each other laugh and there is nothing better than to love and to laugh is there? Not small giggle but big belly aching, nose scrunching laughs that make your mouth open wide and your eyes squint shut. Lara and Susie were there to capture every cackle! The couple chose the beach for their relaxed engagement shoot to honour Tom’s love of surfing and their mutual love of the water!

They tell the story of how they met. “Tom and Jemma initially met in high school as Tom’s sister was in the same grade as Jemma. Tom had a crush on Jemma but thought she was way out of his league. 10 years on Tom was out with his sister and randomly ran into Jemma and with a little bit of persistence from Tom love blossomed.”

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On what they love about one another, Jemma and Tom tell, “They love the fact that their relationship is never hard. They love to spend time together and they have a strong friendship that continues to grow day by day.”

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Tom chose New Years Eve to propose, remembering, “On a very cyclonic New Year’s Eve night on a remote Indonesian island, Tom asked Jemma to marry him in the pouring (horizontal) rain. Jemma was so excited that she forgot to say yes leaving Tom in a state of panic. When she finally took a deep breath and stopped jumping up and down she said yes.”

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Of their photographers, Jemma and Tom note, “They both believe that a good photo tells a story and captures a moment. They have a strong connection with the beach and felt that this would be the best place to capture”them”. Lara and Susie did just that and allowed them to be themselves and feel comfortable just being who they are. They really loved their candid shots rather then the more traditional posed photo shoot.”

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