Naz and Diana

Naz and I met in 2007 when we were both living overseas. We started out as good mates and after 10 months of being just friends, he had the courage to tell me that he really liked me. It wasn’t the perfect timing though because I was offered a job in Australia. But if you feel that you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of life with, distance is no hindrance. After countless emails, phone calls and love letters, Naz moved to Australia in 2011 and proposed in 2013. We decided to have the wedding in the Philippines where we met, but wanted our family and friends to have glimpse of our life here in Australia.

We wanted an engagement shoot that shows what we love doing as a couple, just ordinary things but photographed in an extraordinary way. We are also obsessed with architecture and scenic landscapes. Sydney has both, but we wanted something that our wedding guests hadn’t seen. I had scouted for different locations until I stumbled upon an instagram photo of our photographer friend Tago Fabic that was taken at Hotel Hotel of the New Acton Precinct in Canberra.


This photo started the collaboration between us and Tago Fabic. We’ve agreed on a few more locations in Canberra to take our casual photos on our wedding day and then to finish the set at Port Stephens.

Location: Penny University Cafe – Kingston, ACT

Location: Newcastle Art Gallery – Newcastle, NSW

Location: James Turrell’s Within Without at National Gallery of Australia – Canberra, ACT

Location: Hotel Hotel at New Acton Precinct – Canberra, ACT

Credits to Katrina Sulit for my hair and make-up for our Canberra shoot.

Location: Stockton Sand Dunes – Port Stephens, NSW

Credits to  Mara Chua for the green gown that I wore for the Port Stephens shoot.

I’m so thankful to have a very supportive partner that allows and supports my crazy ideas! I’m also lucky to have found the most talented photographer (and friend) that translates my ideas into reality.

Images by Tago Fabic

Ms Gingham says: Those shots on the sand dunes are just magical!

Diana says: My name is Diana and I am set to marry my partner (and everything else!) Naz. We are a true testament that long distance relationship works as long as the couple are committed to one goal (and one goal alone) ~ to spend the rest of their lives together.