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When we think of beach weddings the mood is often relaxed, tones of blues and greens and plenty of casual styling. But today’s wedding inspiration shoot just might change your thoughts on beach wedding style forever- using decadent gold, sophisticated cut crystal and richly toned blooms in reds, magenta and pink this luxe vintage beach wedding inspiration shoot adds a touch of glamour and vibrancy to a beautiful beach setting.

Stylist Jane of Oh Perfect Day collaborated with a Melbourne team (including photographer Alison Mayfield Photography Studio) to create the setting on a Melbourne beach, Jane remarking, “The concept was inspired by a windswept beach location just outside of Melbourne. The beach has its own unique beauty which is only enhanced on a windy day when the beach becomes ethereal, dark and moody. The tumultuous sea, angry skies and windblown reeds made a perfect backdrop for hauntingly beautiful brides dressed in romantic Anna Campbell owns featuring divine laces, flowing trains and glamorous embellishments. Natural, glowing skin, windswept tresses and bright, fuchsia lips pop against the wintery scene.”

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The Little Press created stationery that complimented the look with shades of dove grey.

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Melonie Santos Makeup Artist styled the models makeup with natural, glowing skin and bright fuchsia lips. Raw Element styled their hair with a relaxed look to embrace the wind swept nature of the beach setting.

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Glamour was brought to the beach with an antique bar cart, chest, table and chairs decorated with plenty of vintage details. like vintage cut crystal, antique brass, gold cutlery and French crockery.

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Flower Jar styled the blooms for the day, Jane noting, “Florals were selected for contrast. Abundant, unstructured greenery was paired with bright fuchsias softened by shades of softer pink. The vibrant pinks of the gorgeous gourmet meringues and the stunning winter blooms bring brightness to the moody surrounds.” The bright coloured meringues were created by Charlie Buckett.

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