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Kayla & Roger

You know by now I love engagement shoots – nothing compares to the first throes of engagement excitement captured in stills! Today’s engagement shoot however us a little more unique than normal – our couple, Kayla & Roger won a giveaway with photographer Samara Clifford and after a bunch of fabulous wedding vendors jumped on board, this Sydney couple braved a cold Melbourne weekend to unwrap their prizes and capture their love story at the same time. How’s that for a wonderful weekend of checking off boxes?

On how they met, Kayla and Roger tell, “Roger had moved to Townsville for work and became friends with Kayla’s brother. One day Roger rode his motorbike over to meet Kayla’s family with her brother. This started a four year long friendship between Roger and Kayla. After those four years Roger decided enough ground work had been laid so he swooped in and swept her off her feet. Its been a further 2 years and we have never looked back.”

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Justine O was first cab off the rank, styling Kayla’s hair and makeup for the shoot.

fun picnic engagement0003

Miss Ladybird Cakes supplied the sweetest and yummiest treats for Kayla and Roger. 

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fun picnic engagement0005

Wonderful presents require wonderful wrapping paper and the gorgeous packages were wrapped in paper from Inky Co.

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fun picnic engagement0007

Roger’s dapper look was complete with a golden bow tie from The Belle & The Beau.

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fun picnic engagement0009

Able and Game came to the (engagement) party with a sweet card and tea towel just for Kayla & Roger.

fun picnic engagement0010

The Design Den created fun bottle labels for the couple to gift to their bridal party.

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fun picnic engagement0012

The final treat was Bella the Kombi (driven by Alice) from Hire A Kombi!

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Of what he loves about Kayla, Roger tells, “I love Kayla’s sarcastic side and the way she makes me laugh. She is loving, kind hearted, sweet and very supportive.”

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Roger proposed in Tasmania, the story going a little something like this. “Roger and Kayla were on a holiday in Tasmania when Roger took Kayla to the top of Mount Wellington in Hobart to see the view. He asked her to stand on this big rock so he could get a good picture. After climbing up she turned around and he was standing with a ring box asking her to marry him. Kayla cried and said “yes! of course”. It was the best day of our lives and so extremely special.”

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Kayla and Roger remember, “On a funny note, after proposing Roger went to hand Kayla this beautiful engagement ring and as she was so surprised and shaking she dropped the diamond ring on the mountain-side and it was almost lost however they luckily found it and now it’s just a good story to tell. The look on Roger’s face was priceless! ”

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On what she loves about her husband to be, Kayla tells, “I love Roger’s goofy grin and his love for life. There is never a dull moment and he is always happy to jump in the car and go exploring or just relax in front of a movie with some pizza and chocolate. (Her other loves).”

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