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Sally & Greg

There is a feeling of family with Sally and Greg’s wedding. The couple married in a mown field of a vineyard, carefully considering every part of their day to be a true reflection of the journey they’d taken to marriage. Ben Swinnerton was here to capture every beautiful moment.

Sally tells the story of how she and Greg came to be. “Greg and I met six years ago at a rowing regatta. Each of us was holding down opposite ends of a pergola that was threatening to blow away in a storm. It wasn’t too many weeks later that an ad started playing on the ABC. An old lady was describing her reaction upon meeting her husband of 50 years. She summed it up so beautifully: “I thought my heart would explode”. And, it was true for us too: from the moment we met, the future for each of us held the other at its core.”

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Sally chose an incredible gown with a bold motif by designer Anaessia. Her bridesmaids wore red lace gowns by Colette by Collette Dinnigan.

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The flowergirls, dressed in colours of sorbet had their wrists tied with fluttering colourful ribbons.

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Sally and Greg chose Clyde Park Vineyard, Bannockburn for their wedding. Sally noting, “We were conscious not be too constrained by tradition. Each and every aspect of our wedding day meant something special to each of us. From the relatively small guest list, through to the location of our ceremony in a quiet corner of the vineyard – unadorned or encumbered by any kind of structure (or even mown grass). From the plentiful supply of buntings (each one sewn by my mother-in-law) to my car trip to the ceremony from my family home in Geelong (accompanied by my 11 month old niece, sandwiched in her capsule between my two dearest friends).”

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Russell Healy performed the ceremony, Sally telling, “In the lead up to our wedding – Greg would casually refer to the ceremony as the ‘boring’ bit. Not so for me – I poured my heart into writing vows; picking songs and choosing readings. After all, I wanted our entire day – set in motion by the ceremony – to reflect an “old” love. One that was not fleeting or even, necessarily, dazzling – but the kind of love that grows each day into something more beautiful, rich and deep than the day before. That was because, by the time our wedding day arrived, Greg and I had lived, loved, laughed, cried, fought, traveled, learned… and – we were pretty sure – would do so again many times over?!”

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The personal elements continued. “From my beautiful bouquet, fashioned earlier that day by my eldest sister – to a barrel room FILLED with wild flowers (inspired by a flurry of scissors late the night before). And, to ensure that the utmost was made of the attendance by our precious family and friends, Greg’s journey to the ceremony in a minibus full of the ‘outta towners’; and our departure later that evening with a bus-full of guests keen to carry on the party in our bridal suite.”

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Sally remembers, “Of all the many beautiful memories, perhaps my favourite must be the brief period of quiet when, quite unintentionally (having left our bridal party behind), Greg and I were alone in the open field with our photographer. It turned out to be a precious moment of gentle reflection amidst a sea of otherwise happy activity: all that has been – all that is to come… ”

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The reception was held in the barrel room of Clyde Park Vineyard. Sally noting “I’ve heard many people say that their wedding day was too short. I can’t say that for ours. In every way, I felt utterly and absolutely indulged by the experience… so much love and such special people there to share it.”

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Baker Boys Band had the floor of the barrel room moving all night long.

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Congratulations Sally & Greg! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to Ben Swinnerton for sharing today’s wedding!