Spring Wedding Cake Cake Ink

Cake by Cake Ink

With Spring blooming all around us I sent the call out to our favourite cake artists – what does a Spring wedding cake look like to you? Naked cakes filled with butter cream and topped with fresh blooms, watercolour painted cakes, softly coloured sugar flowers, bright poppies – all showed up in our curation of amazing Spring wedding cakes that I am so delighted (and so very hungry for) to share today!

I love that Spring opens up so many opportunities for colour – the cake above by Cake Ink is a shining example. A simple two tier design, the top covered in metallic gold, the bottom with a beautiful floral print. Three blooms, reflecting the floral print are created from sugar and take centre stage, The gold cake stand? It adds the extra wow factor (I love a good cake stand!)

Spring Cakes For Weddings
Cake One by The Cake & I is a winner, simply cream with fresh, poppies trailing down the side.

Cake Two by Deliciously Decadent Cake Design This is a fun, Spring variation on a naked cake. The Gypsophila puffing out like clouds between each tier.

Cake Three by Kiss My Cakes (Photo by Megan Alridge). Lustre always makes a cake really shine and this one with it’s delicate lace detailing makes a pretty statement. Topped with peony roses and sugar berries for special Spring touches.

Cake Four by Sharon Wee Creations. Simple white with lustre and just a few sugar flowers in hues of pink make this cake a sweet Spring design.

Cake Five by Little Malvern Cake Co. I love that the two floral print tiers alternate with a plain tier on this cake. The flowers that adorn it, reflecting the floral pattern is just Spring in a cake!

Cake Six by Paper & Poppies. A simple single tier cake with fresh blooms is just the ticket for a Spring wedding.

Cake Seven by The Cake & I I love the single tier pale pink of this cake and the fresh poppies that adorn it would make it a beautiful choice for a garden wedding.

Cake Eight by All Things Sweet By Carissa. Butter cream with simple white blooms is always a favourite of mine and the cascading effect really brings this one into the Spring season.

Cake Nine by All Things Sweet By Carissa showcases a delicious naked cake variety with wooden laser cut cake topper. Fresh raspberries in the filling topped with fresh flowers make this cake so fresh and Spring like.

Cake Ten by Cake Ink is a classic with a modern twist – white and gold always look great together but the addition of blooms that almost reflect the golden hues make it a fresh, floral take.

Cake eleven by Sweet Bakes uses one of my favourite Spring hues – mint green! The top silver tier cascades down to meet the green and the cake is adorned with white and pink blooms.

Spring wedding cake ideas
Cake One by Miss Ladybird Cakes. Three tiers in different textures – metallic, lace and vertical ruffle plus a touch of Spring with pink  blooms lift this cake into warmer weather.

Cake Two by Sharon Wee Creations. I love rough iced cakes, they make me want to dive right in and eat them. This simple three tier cake has been iced in white and decorated with flowers surrounding the base. Simple and Spring.

Cake Three by Sharon Wee Creations. I love the simple texture on this single tier cake and the pink sugar peonies are Spring and oh so pretty.

Cake Four by The Dainty Baker. How gorgeous are the orchids on this stunning cake? Thinly iced to give just the hint of a naked feel with plenty of fresh strawberries. Just the ticket for a warmer day.

Cake Five by Paper & Poppies. Cake tables are still a favourite and the peachy combined with white, yellow and mint are the most beautiful Spring hues.

Cake Six by The Cake & I. The simplicity of this cake wins me over. Three elegant, white tiers with fresh, colourful Spring poppies.

Cake Seven by Simple Ingredients. A sift mint green cake with blooms in shades of pink and  yellow cascading down the side is just the ticket for a garden celebration.

Cake Eight by Sweet Milton Cakes. Not only do I love the modern shape of this cake but the bright poppies make it such an incredible statement and just wonderful for a Spring wedding table.

Spring inspired wedding cakes
Cake One by Baked Cakes & Cupcakery (Photos by Studio 4 Photography) is a beautiful take on Spring with it’s soft grey and pretty peach tones. Sugar flowers top it right off.

Cake Two by Miss Ladybird Cakes. I love the touch of gold on this cake – it’s just enough without dominating the otherwise traditional wedding cake. Fresh flowers and a laser cut cake topper add a touch of Spring and a touch of the personal.

Cake Three by by Regnier Cakes. For something rustic, this cake is a nice way to incorporate hessian while still being Spring like. The lace and plethora of fresh blooms make it really shine.

Cake Four by Sweet Bakes One of the more unique Spring cakes don’t you think? I love this bearded man cake! It has a sense of humour and incorporates blooms in a fun way.

Cake Five by Sharon Wee Creations. Dark Spring blooms combined with a bottom, wood inspired tier are a nice nod to the natural Spring elements on this cake.

Cake Six by Simmone Logue. A delicious naked cake is always a fun choice for Spring and the fresh flowers that finish this cake off are a beautiful option for Spring.

Cake Seven by by Sweet Bakes. Watercolours and the soft hues that come with them make this cake a beautiful Spring wedding cake option. I love the two sweet sugar flowers tied on with white string.

Cake Eight by Deliciously Decadent Cake Design. I love the Easter egg soft pastel sugar flowers cascading down this all white cake. It’s Spring in the traditional sense!

Cake Nine by Regnier Cakes. A naked cake filled to the brim and with plenty of fresh flowers always makes a Spring statement.

Cake Ten by by Sweet Milton Cakes. I love the texture in the icing on this cake and the fresh blooms added make it a simple but Spring worthy cake.

Spring wedding Cake Inspiration

Cake One by Cherrytree Bakehouse. Almost naked, but not quite! This thinly iced cake is topped with florals and greenery in a loose arrangement – fresh, carefree and just right for warm weddings.

Cake Two by Cherrytree Bakehouse. The texture of this icing, combined with the fresh flowers give it such a relaxed, feel that I think this one might be just right for a warm, garden wedding with dappled shade!

Cake Three by Sweet Milton Cakes. Pink blooms and loose trailing vines bring this cake back to nature and back to Spring!

Cake Four by All Things Sweet By Carissa. Naked cakes are so yummy and look so fresh when it comes to weddings in warmer weather. Fresh blooms decorate this one and add a touch of Spring fun.

Cake Five by Sweet Bakes. Three mini naked cakes are topped with fresh blooms in the brightest of shades. I love this alternative to one big cake!

Cake Six by Little Malvern Cake Co. This white and soft pink cake uses a different texture on each layer. From softly painted polka dots, to a ripped paper effect and a plain tier topped by two simple sugar flowers. Simple. sweet and very Spring.

Cake Seven by Sweet By Nature. Pink is such a lovely colour for Spring and this take on a cupcake wedding cake is a little more chic. Shards of white and pink chocolate cover smaller cakes and are topped by a pale pink cutting cake. The flowers, in shades of pink and white are nestled within each layer.

Cake Eight by Cherrytree Bakehouse. I love the texture and fresh blooms on this cake. Fresh blooms are the easiest way to bring Spring to your cake and the sweet crystal drops on the white cake stand add a little twinkle.