Car by Triple R Luxury Car Hire / Image by Gus Reyes Photography

Having decided upon details such as the theme/style/colour of cars you desire, its time to find the right supplier to provide you with these vehicles. Consider the following questions and advice when deciding on a supplier:

  • Is this company credible and part of any Wedding or Transport associations?
  • Do they hold the necessary license with the state Government and/or Taxi Directorate?
  • Will I be able to view the cars before I book them? And will these be the same cars on my wedding day?
  • Is this company a third party such as a booking agency or are they the direct Supplier and own these vehicles?
  • Do they have a contingency plan in the event that there is a mechanical failure?
  • Will they have enough cars for my bridal party?
  • Do the cars look well maintained and clean?
  • Do your research online and read previous customers’ reviews for peace of mind?
  • The cheapest option is not always the better option; Service and product quality should not be compromised for price, especially on your wedding day!
  • Is a deposit required to secure the car, and how much is required? Are there payment plans available?

Planning your schedule for the day

We encourage you to spend time considering how your day will unfold and the logistics of your schedule. Generally, wedding transport companies will have a minimum duration for your booking, followed by a per hour charge thereafter. Your schedule will determine the duration for which you require your wedding transport.

Some Important factors to plan for include:

  • The day of the week, and how traffic flow may be impacted.
  • The route you wish to travel and the time it takes to do this.
  • Public and sporting events which may be occurring on the same day, and therefore impact on travel times and routes.
  • Where will your photographs take place? How much travel time is required from the location of your ceremony to the location/s of your photographs?
  • Time required by your photographer at the locations you choose.
  • Alternate locations for your photography should poor weather be a factor.

A good supplier will be committed to assisting all couples in planning their schedule involving transport, and will happily offer advice on any of the above factors. After 33 years of service, there is no situation or set of circumstances that Triple R has not encountered previously, and therefore we can offer expert advice on any of the above factors and beyond to ensure you special day runs exactly as you plan.

About Triple R Luxury Car Hire: The Triple R collection started with a consuming passion for classic motor vehicles over thirty years ago.While working as a professional photographer, owner Micky Jovanovic’s 1951 Bentley Dawn attracted as much demand as his wedding photography.

Micky drove his passion into a thriving business and revolutionized the wedding car hire industry. With his sophisticated style and photographer’s eye, Micky has selected each of his 40 cars for their aesthetic appeal, creating a beautiful backdrop to your wedding photographs you will cherish forever.