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Tobey-Anne & Andy

The story of Tobey-Anne and Andy, a couple who didn’t want a wedding but decided after all the most important thing to them was celebrating with family and friends, reflects exactly who they are. They chose a Bohemian inspired Bali destination wedding to celebrate their marriage, choosing Terralogical to be there to capture their free-spirited, relaxed day.

The newlyweds tell their story of how they came to be. “When it is time for souls to meet, there is nothing on earth that can stop them from meeting, no matter where each may be located”. An unlikely story for a relationship that lasts, this Australian and Canadian met in late summer in San Diego, California, both traveling and exploring the California coast. Andy, an Australian, was on the beginning of a world travel adventure after teaching water sports at a camp in North Carolina, and Tobey, a Canadian, was enjoying her last weeks of freedom after a conference in Palm Springs, and had just recently completed naturopathic medical board exams before another grueling year to become a Naturopathic Doctor began. We met while staying at a hostel in Ocean Beach.

The night we met we had a beach bonfire by the surf. We are both adventurous spirits who love travel, fun, and exploring new places – and soon found ourselves driving to Las Vegas, Nevada in a convertible Mustang with a group of friends. After a few days of bright lights, Andy left his group of friends to accompany Tobey on her drive back to the California coast to San Francisco for her flight back to Canada. After a tearful goodbye, a week later Andy changed his flights to head to Toronto for a month instead of Vancouver.

Our connection was solidified during that time. 10 months later, after living and working in Vancouver, and travelling across Europe, India, and Indonesia, Andy made his way back to Toronto and Tobey & Andy started the rest of their journey together.”

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The wedding rings were particularly special, the newlyweds noting, “All the wedding bands were made from recycled jewellery of Tobey’s that was outdated or she didn’t wear anymore. The jeweller, Suzanne Crudden at Flux + Form in Toronto, worked with us to create custom pieces using the recycled gold and diamonds just as Tobey envisioned. The stackable bands were made in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold with diamonds in various finishes, and were fitted to the engagement ring to complement, but also to be worn alone or in different combinations. Andy’s ring was made into a very unique rose gold and a partially brushed finish.

In addition, Andy knew on his proposal that Tobey has strong feelings towards sustainability and the typical jewelery trade, and therefore would not want a store bought engagement ring, if a ring at all. So, the engagement ring was a more meaningful endeavor for both of us. We chose an Australian origin certified and ethical champagne diamond from many months of back and forth with Kimberly Fine Diamonds in Western Australia. After finding the perfect ethical pear shaped Australian champagne diamond together, the jeweller onsite at Kimberly Fine Diamonds worked with Tobey to create the custom ring she wanted with 18k rose gold for a unique and completely personal, and meaningful, ring.”

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Tobey-Anne and Andy chose Semara Luxury Villa Resort, Uluwatu as their wedding location, remarking “Semara Luxury Villas sits atop the Southern most tip of Bali and the views are indescribable. There is a magic in Uluwatu that you don’t quite get anywhere else.”

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Tobey-Anne chose a simple but beautiful gown from Barbra Allin.

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Tobey-Anne walked down the aisle to Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – “Home is wherever I’m with you.”

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Tobey-Anne and Andy hired Paper Diamonds  who looked after the planning and styling of the day, including flowers and stationery. Tobey-Anne tells “Natalie and her team at Paper Diamonds (formerly Cakes & Champagne) helped us bring together many individual elements that we felt represented our taste into a common thread, and ultimately, ensured we had a truly memorable day that every single guest enjoyed. That was one of our biggest wishes, that each guest have a great time and find beauty in the day.

We came to Natalie with many thoughts, ideas or arrangements that Natalie pulled all together for us – which we could have never done from across the world in Canada. She was excellent at sourcing the right vendors for our needs, and was sensitive to our concerns, even about cost, and made attempts to make changes that really reflected our tastes and desires for the day. We received so many compliments during and following our wedding from our guests, and we feel that many of those compliments are reflective of the great work provided by Paper Diamonds.”

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The reception was designed with two long tables decorated with elements of bohemian styling that the couple loved. Tobey-Anne noting, “We really aren’t ‘wedding people’ per se. In fact, at one point we considered not even having a wedding, and instead investing in a business in Southern California. But then we considered what is important to us, that being family and friends, and we knew that we needed to have a celebration to bring everyone together from across the world to meet.

That is really what our wedding was about – bringing people together in the beautiful environment of Bali to have new experiences and memories together forever. So, we had a starting point but really had no specific preferences as to a particular wedding theme. In some ways we were pretty laid back, but at times that made planning a wedding hard.

Most of our choices for the day were less planned and were more intuitive to our tastes and a representation of us, rather than sticking to a theme. We had focused on the natural beauty of the surrounding, and made sure attention was paid to the natural elements of the surf, beach, sun and moon. We wanted a bohemian, fun, spirited and laid back feel mixed with luxury and elegance.”

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Guests received favors of maple syrup and cushions, the bride remarking, “The mix and match pillows with fabrics sourced from Bali by Natalie from Paper Diamonds that served also as favors really captured the bohemian feel we wanted. As did the many beautiful decorative items in the villas and on the table settings. The local semi bloomed flowers was a perfect touch to this natural finish (and cost effective!).”

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“Rather than a typical wedding party entry with music and cheering, we chose to do a more personal and intimate entrance. Andy’s mom, a long-time Iyengar yogi who runs her own yoga and wellness centre in Adelaide, organized and lead a beautiful group ceremony with our guests as we arrived for the reception using specially chosen incense from India and group consciousness to set a beautiful positive intention for our life together joined in union.”

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Tobey-Anne remarks, “We wanted a very free and open (and less wedding-like) vibe, so we did not have a wedding party, assigned seating, or a wedding cake. Instead, Andy’s twin brother Chris helped by MCing the night and kept things running smoothly and on time. We served a live station making terang bulan (or sweet martabak), a traditional Indonesia street food that is a chocolate filled pancake dessert, as a snack later in the night for a touch of Bali! And one of our favourite guilty pleasures from Indo.”

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“For a Canadian touch: We brought to Bali and gave to guests local Canadian maple syrup (local to where Tobey grew up in the country 1.5 hours north of Toronto) in 60 mL individual glass containers as wedding favors. For a taste of the bride’s home that also happens to be world award winning, and a sweet treat for the Aussies.”

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Tobey-Anne remembers, “We wanted our wedding to be a party, and a great time for all the guests! I think we achieved that, everyone has remarked how much fun they had at our wedding – and more than half of the guests ended up in the pool party later in the night – including the bride in her wedding dress thrown in by her new brother-in-law! Every wedding should have a pool! ”

Congratulations Tobey-Anne and Andy! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Paper Diamonds and Terralogical for sharing today’s wedding!