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Spanish designer Rosa Clara  is renowned for her feminine designs with strong, clean lines. The designer strives to make couture like gowns for brides at a more affordable price point. Body fitting silhouettes are adorned with intricate beading, bold bows, sheer necklines, open backs and unique and interesting accents.

Rosa Clara 2015 is all about the iconic Hollywood stars who have set trends and style throughout the decades- Grace Kelly, the girls from Sex & The City, Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn- even Woody Allen’s Annie Hall.

Rosa Clara gowns are available in Australia through Peter Trends.

First up today, I’m sharing the newest Rosa Clara “Soft” collection. Just as the name suggests, ethereal feminine style is evident through each gown. Unexpected, almost invisibly delicate necklines complement tulle skirts. Silk voile is fitted to the body to emphasize the female form. Sophisticated draped sleeves, low backs and overlays with beading as delicate as a spider’s web all feature in the “Soft” collection.

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The second collection is Rosa Clara “Two”. These gowns retain all the essence of the Rosa Clara sophistication but within a lower price point. Organza, lace and chiffon feature heavily with sweet feminine detailing like bow adorned waistlines, beaded sleeves and sheer illusion lace backs.

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