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Kerryn & Peter

I adore the fun modern vibe of Kerry and David’s riverside wedding. The couple chose a spot they adore – which also happened to be a caravan park! The choice meant the wedding turned from a one day event into a wedding sleepover with many of the guests making the trip and choosing to stay on site for longer celebrations! They chose Samara Clifford to capture their wedding day.

As for how they came to be, Kerryn and Peter tell, “Pete and Kerryn had been together for about 10 years and had discussed marriage many a time, they just needed to work out when was the right time to ‘become official’. They went away for the weekend to Sorrento for the weekend, had dinner, wandered down to the pier and Pete proposed!”

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Kerryn’s sister ( Lauren Lindeman) created the stationery for the day featuring a bright geometric heart. Kerryn tells, “We spent many a Saturday at my sister’s house, designing and printing and cutting them while entertaining her 1 year old twins! We wanted the theme to be fun, relaxed, bright, positive to reflect our relationship, rather than us pretending to be super classy for a day! The main theme that ran throughout was a heart made up triangles.

The theme started from the engagement party where triangles were used on the invite and as part of the decorations. The save the date was a triangle shaped magnet. The wedding invite was the first place where the triangles were brought together to show the heart shape.”

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Kerryn chose a gown from Rachel Gilbert , explaining, “I knew I didn’t want an overly traditional dress or to go into a traditional wedding dress shop, but I wasn’t sure how nontraditional to go. I also struggled a bit with wanting to wear a dress that I liked the look of rather than the dress that looked the best on me. I only really went to four stores and ended up with a Rachel Gilbert gown in a style that suited my body shape rather than one that I loved the style of. I’m really glad I ended up doing this as I felt comfortable and now absolutely adore the gown and how I look in the wedding photos.” Her bridesmaids wore coral orange dresses from Life with Bird.

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Sinikka Floral Designs created the floral arrangements for the day.

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Kerryn had cufflinks made for Peter with the geometric heart imprinted on them.

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Kerryn and Peter loved, “Driving from Melbourne to the Cumberland River Caravan Park on the Great Ocean Road and catching up with friends also driving down at the same time. At one point we were driving behind our marquee that was being delivered.”

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Kerryn and Peter chose Cumberland River for their wedding, explaining, “We stayed at the Wye River Caravan Park for our six month anniversary when we first started going out. Kerryn gave Peter a 6 pack of Asahi beer (his favourite beer at the time). Peter gave Kerryn 26 Snap and Crackle bars, 1 for each week they had been together. We have stayed in Wye River many times since and had driven past the Cumberland River Caravan Park each time. Both of us had thought it would be a great place to get married, but neither had ever told each other…until we got engaged.”

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Rosalie Humbert performed the ceremony. “We worked with their celebrant to include some words regarding their belief that all people should be able to marry. This was one of the most important parts for us as Peter’s brother was in the wedding party and fiancé nearby, who will marry in the UK as they cannot in Australia.”

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The couple’s photographer stayed overnight with the guests and definitely had a boogey on the dance floor!

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The geometric heart continued through the wedding decor, Kerryn noting, “The bonbonniere was a mug with the triangle heart shape printed on it. An Asahi and Snap ‘n Crackle bar were in the mugs. The napkin holders was a piece of paper with a water colour version of the triangles and added a great bit of colour to the tables. We made a large version of the triangle heart out of foam mounting board and hung it from the roof of the marquee.”

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“Marriage and the wedding itself for us was a special opportunity to share time with the people that mean so much to us and have played cherished roles in their lives throughout our relationship, that had seemed like a marriage for quite some time. This was just the formality for the commitment we had for each other. It was also a great excuse to have the party of our lives and dance the night away (3am curfew and we used every last minute).”

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The first dance involved nothing less than the worm, the newlyweds telling, “We did The Bridal Worm (instead of the wedding waltz)! We learnt a salsa dance for the wedding dance to a salsa version of Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love. At the end of the dance, we did a simultaneous ‘bridal worm’. The significance of the worm was that Peter is known for ‘doing the worm’ at parties, weddings etc., it’s not uncommon for a chant to start encouraging Peter to do the worm at these social functions. Therefore, Kerryn set out to practice the worm so that they could do a synchronised ‘bridal worm’. And with her foam mat (that she stretched the truth to tell the attendant at Clark Rubber that she was buying the foam to cover with material and use for people to sit against at her house) to protect her face and chest and a towel to not ruin her dress, she was set to worm it with the best (Pete). ”

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Kerryn remembers, “One of our good friends splitting his pants from dancing with too much gusto.” The Requestadors kept guests on the dance floor until 3am!

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Congratulations on your marriage Kerryn and Peter! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Samara Clifford for sharing today’s wedding and story!