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One of the most pleasurable experiences in the hustle and bustle of the wedding day preparations is having your makeup applied by a skilled professional. If nothing else, it forces you to take time to sit, breathe and enjoy that sip of champagne. Not only does Sandra Glynn bring her professional makeup skills to your wedding makeup, she is able to translate the latest look into makeup that suits you and is wedding day appropriate. Amongst the froth of lace and your veil, your face is the first thing your groom will see – and to look and feel radiant is such a gift to yourself.

How long ago did you officially make makeup artistry your career?

I started my makeup career some 15 years ago.

What do you love about your career?

I love the feeling once you see a woman see and love the reflection in the mirror, after I’ve done her makeup.

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Who most inspires you? 

Women inspire me, we all have different stories, all lived different lives and are beautiful despite our age and size.

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge inspires me, she is passionate about teaching women how to apply their makeup as am I, and I love her classic makeup style.

How long do you spend on each member of the bridal party doing their makeup?

Typically I spend 45 minutes per person and always like to allow 1 hour with the bride.

Do you prefer to have a makeup trial with the bride before the wedding day? Why is this important?

Yes, I find all my brides have a makeup trial and they really are an appointment that I feel is an imperative part of the lead up to the wedding. Here we discuss the day, her theme, desired look. Her makeup likes/ dislikes and I will provide my thoughts on what colours would work best for her etc.

The trial is important because not only will the bride get to see how the makeup will look on the day but also, how it lasts and have the opportunity to try a different look if she isn’t completely satisfied – or of course, seek out another makeup artist for the day.

Image by  Gallane + Co

Do you then adapt that style to each of the wedding party members, so that it looks cohesive?

I do try and adapt the style so the entire party’s look is cohesive but always within what each woman is comfortable with and what the bride wants.

Do you feel you have a makeup ‘style’ you are known for?

I would say my makeup style is classic, elegant and timeless. I want skin to look like skin – of course concealing any imperfections and I always like my brides to still feel like they are themselves and not someone so completely different that their groom won’t recognise them.

What are the factors that determine the sort of makeup you do on a bride – dress style, hair do, the style of the wedding, colouring of the bride? 

Image by Tealily Photography

All of the above. I always start by explaining which colours would best compliment the bride’s colouring and eyes. We discuss the time of the wedding, ensuring the makeup is appropriate not only for the time but also the style of wedding. i.e. formal, beach, garden.

Is there a current makeup ‘look’ for brides?

The majority of my brides want a soft romantic look and I do have many that want the Grace Kelly inspired look with a winked eyeliner.

What other services do you offer the bride?

Over the years I have worked with many fabulous hair stylists that I can now call on to work with me on weddings.

What do you suggest a bride and her maids do before the wedding day to prepare their skin?

I would suggest they keep their skin really well moisturised – this includes their lips. Exfoliate weekly in the lead up to the wedding and then do a gentle exfoliation the morning of the wedding using a cleanser like Cetaphil and some bicarb soda. This gentle exfoliation will ensure their skin is flawless.

Of course if they want to invest in some facials in the lead up to the wedding then that is always beneficial.

Image by Gallane + Co

 What essentials do you have in your makeup kit/toolbox?

The list is endless however here are some favourites..

Bioderma Crealine H20 makeup remover

Embryollise Lait Creme Concentrate – great moisturiser

Rae Morris brushes

MAC Paint Pots

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer

Melli Cosmetics Velvet primer

Giorgio Armani Foundations

MAC foundations

Harlotte Cosmetics Foundations

Helen Dowsley Lashes

What makeup/skincare item(s) do you never leave home without?

GO TO Lips

Bobbi Brown Creme blush

Elizabeth Arden 24 hour hand creme


Image by Strawberry Fields

 I would give the gift of….. makeup tips to anyone who sits in my chair 🙂 captive audience – there’s no escaping.

In my spare time I love to – what is spare time? I need to get back into painting in my spare time as I do enjoy it.………

Thank you Sandra for sharing your story. To find out more about Sandra Glynn visit the website.

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