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If something is going to make a honeymoon the most memorable trip of a lifetime, it’s the view and I think today’s resort- Jade Mountain St Lucia pretty much blows any views you’ve seen before out of the water.

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Architect owner Nick Troubetzkoy, designed the resort so that each guest feels like they’re the only inhabitants, the resort is children and mobile phone free, allowing guests to enjoy the tranquility and atmosphere the staff work so hard to provide.

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Located in the Caribbean, the resort houses 29 guest rooms. Each designed to take in the sweeping views and most have infinity pools to really take in the vast views of the Caribbean sea and the majestic mountain vistas.

The basic rooms, called the “SKY” suites have a completely open wall, but are all set within the resort so that privacy is of utmost importance. The base suites might be without an infinity pool, but they do include a jacuzzi and 1650 square feet of room while Infinity pool rooms start with the  “STAR” Infinity Pool Sanctuaries a massive 1400 – 1800 square feet. Each features beautifully crafted outdoor furniture- because you’re going to want to enjoy every second of that view.

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The grandest suites of all- the “GALAXY” Infinity Pool Sanctuaries sit highest on the resort and feature 15ft high ceilings, a completely open wall, beautiful hardwood furniture and flooring (all sourced ethically and environmentally friendly), the pools themselves, covered in one of a kind glass tiles come in at 900 square feet in the Galaxy suites.

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All rooms feature the most luxury of features- a king sized bed, a butler, rain showers, the resorts own “firfly” device allowing you to contact the service team whenever and wherever you wish. The resort abides by it’s technology free stance with rooms fitted without telephones, television or radio.

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The resort staff love to be challenged- so while typical on site amenities like tennis courts, a day spa, water-sports equipment, soft sand beaches and a restaurant run by an award winning chef are all available to guests, they also love to create experiences that are completely special and unique to you. Think private dining on the beach, sunset sailing, a sunrise treatment at the suphur springs- they can even arrange a helicopter transfer to and from the island.

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If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience for your honeymoon, then I think Jade Moutanin St Lucia might be up there for one of the most romantic places in the world. Well, you’ll have to trust me and report upon your return!

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Photos from Jade Moutanin St Lucia